The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors for 2024

Best Cigar Humidor 2024 - Reviews of Humidors on Sale

Ready to upgrade your humidor?  Whether you’re a newbie or total cigar aficionado, we found the best humidors (so far) of the year. Quick Glance When it comes to your cigar collection, you really shouldn’t mess around.  It’s important to keep these bad boys stored perfectly at all times.  Whether you’re looking to buy a […]

The 12 Best Cigars We’re Obsessed With This Year

Best Cigars 2024 - Cigars Online from Cheap to Expensive

There are so many cigars out there and we’re pretty sure we’d be fine with trying all of them.  From light to medium-strength cigars for the beginner to much more full-bodied options, we got you covered. We met with Professional Amateur Cigar Smoker and CEO of The Ceres Group, an IT consulting & staffing firm […]

Beverly Hills, What a Thrill: 16 Best Quotes from Troop Beverly Hills

Best Quotes from Troop Beverly Hills - Gifs & Funny Scenes

In the 80’s and early 90’s Shelly Long could do no wrong (minus that whole ‘leaving Cheers’ situation).  Growing up my sister may or may not have watched Troop Beverly Hills upwards of 10,000 times.  Therefore, I watched it 10,001 times (once I just watched it myself).  From a young Tori Spelling cameo to Shelly […]

13 Funny and Unique Coffee Mugs to Start Your Morning Off Right

Funny Coffee Mugs 2016 - Best Coffee Cups with Sayings, Thermal Travel Mugs 2017

…because you’re obsessed with coffee (including the most chic AF coffee makers around) and admitting it is the first step.  We’re right there with you.  The right coffee mug is like having the right handbag or tie, it makes a statement.  From mugs with funny sayings to super chic and trendy cups, we’ve got your […]

Barb is Back in Her Own ‘Stranger Things’ Netflix Spinoff!

Barb from Stranger Things Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Spinoff Show 2016 - 2017

…well sort of. I have to admit, I would watch Barb’s spinoff “Orange is the New B*tch” all the live-long-day.  The cast of the record-breaking Netflix show ‘Stranger Things‘ stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and it’s everything that us “Stranger Things” obsessed fans needed and more!  Clearly Barb stole the […]

10 Best Christmas Wreaths to Deck Out Your Front Door This Winter

…because it really is our favorite time of year!  Your Christmas tree is officially up and looking great, the lights are in the window, and all that’s left is decorating your front door.  We’ve rounded up some of the best artificial (but real looking) Christmas wreaths to adorn your front door this holiday season and all winter […]

The 8 Coolest Christmas Ornaments This Holiday Season

2016 Best Christmas Ornaments & Bulbs - 2017 Christmas Glass Balls

…because it’s a great tradition to by a new Christmas ornament each and every year.  Plus we accidentally break a bulb or two (or 10) every year we take down tree.  If you’re looking to upgrade your tree this year, we’ve rounded up some of the most unique Christmas ornaments, bulbs, balls, and ornament set […]

Qi Dreams: 11 Best Wireless Phone Chargers & Charging Pads in 2018

Best Wireless Chargers 2017 - Qi Wireless Smartphone Charging Pads Samsung, iPhone 2018

Welcome to the wonderful world of wireless smartphone charging, where you still kind of need some wires, but you no longer need to plug your phone directly into the wall.  It’s just easier.  Trust us.  With the recent rumors that the next generation iPhone (iPhone 8?) will have wireless charging we’ve decided to round up some […]

The 9 Best Wireless Home Security Cameras in 2018 For Indoor and Outdoor Monitoring

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras 2017 - Outdoor Indoor Wi-Fi- Night Vision Security Cam Reviews 2018

Just when we thought we couldn’t love wireless technology any more than we do.  If you’re like us, you’re sick of worrying about what’s happening inside and outside of your house when you’re not there.  Who’s lurking around the backyard or who’s the jerk who’s stealing your packages right off your front steps and taking them […]

19 Best iPad Covers & Cases in 2018 That Look Stylish While Still Protecting

Best iPad Cases & Covers 2017 - iPad 2, Air, Pro, & Mini Covers 2018

iPad cases have come a long way since the old grey and pink covers (R.I.P).  Whether you’re looking for a super-strong protective case that you can basically spike off the ground and your iPad will still be ok (please don’t try this at home) or something a little more stylish like a leather case or, you […]

Say What Again! The 23 Best Pulp Fiction Quotes of All Time

Best Pulp Fiction Quotes, Scenes & Gifs

Pulp Fiction came out 23 years ago.  So now how old do we all feel?  We remember sneaking into the movies to see it (and then renting the ‘tape’ dozens of times.  We probably didn’t understand half of what was happening or why…but we just knew we totally loved it.  We weren’t supposed to, we just did.  Our favorites […]

The 10 Best Wireless Headphones (On Ear/In Ear) That Changed My Daily Habits

Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 2017 - On Ear, In Ear Earbuds 2018 Reviews

…because wireless headphones have come such a long way from the days of just listening to music at your desk in work (I mean, that’s still awesome though). These days there are a ton of different options out there based on your lifestyle.  Whether you’re looking for a little quiet while traveling (or at home), […]

The Melissa McCarthy SNL Skit Everyone is Losing Their Mind Over

Just when you thought Saturday Night Live was losing its edge, bring on Melissa McCarthy!  Last night halfway through SNL, Melissa McCarthy came on in and saved the day as Sean Spicer.  Not only did she look exactly like him, she spewed out the most random nonsense that made the impression totally on-point.  Outside dying over […]

The 12 Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers That Bring the Party Everywhere

Best Wireless Speakers 2017 - Bluetooth Portable Speaker Reviews 2018

Sometimes we couldn’t be any more grateful for technology and, well, this is one of those times.  We never take for granted how cool and convenient it is to be able to listen to our music from our phone to our wireless bluetooth speaker.  There are a ton of options out there and it can […]

The 12 Coolest MacBook Sleeves & Cases That Protect and Stun

Best MacBook Sleeves, Covers, Cases 2017 - 2018 MacBook Pro, Air, Retina

There really isn’t a worse feeling then scratching up your MacBook.  It’s almost as bad as dropping and cracking your iPhone.  It’s basically the worst thing in life, but we digress.  If you’re one of the 99 million people who have to lug their laptop back and forth from work to home so that you’re […]

12 of the Weirdest Gadgets on Amazon We Actually Kinda Want

Funny Quirky Tech Gadgets on Amazon 2017 - Odd Gifts For 2018

One person’s ‘weird’ is another person’s ‘normal.’  We don’t know which lane we fall into, but the point is that Amazon sells literally everything under the sun and I’m pretty sure if we kept digging we’d find out they sold the actual sun too.  We’ve rounded up some of the coolest, weirdest, and ‘must-have’ quirky gadgets […]

So Fetch: The 29 Best ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes & Gifs To Make Anyone a Cool Mom

Sure you’ve watched Mean Girls tens of thousands of times.  Sure you can quote it with your eyes closed and your hands over your ears.  Sure you own a couple of t-shirts with “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” and an iPhone case that says “Fetch.”  But have you shared these quotes with all your friends […]

The 11 Best Cigar Cutters That Actually Work (And Look Cool)

Best Cigar Cutters 2017 - Top Guillotine V-Cut cigar Cutter Brand Reviews 2018

Once of our favorite accessories is the cigar cutter.  Sure most you’ve seen look the same, but we’ve selected the best variety of cutters at pretty interesting price points.  From guillotine and v-cut to cigar scissors and, well, even a skull head we’ve got your cigar game covered.  Whether you’re a bigger or a pro […]

27 Times Betty White Said and Did The Best Things Ever

Best Funny Betty White Quotes, Scenes & Gifs

We couldn’t love Betty White any more than we already do.  And by “we” I of course mean “all the world” and most likely some other planets where they’re just starting to get ‘The Golden Girls.’  Betty is a young and feisty 95 years old, has the longest television career of any female entertainer, and has […]

18 Must-Have Vinyl Records to Add To Your Growing Album Collection

2017 Best Selling Vinyl Records & Albums For Sale Online 2018

Vinyl is back, baby!  Well the truth is, it never really fully left.  It just slowed down a bit once tapes and CD’s came out and then again when everyone started to switch to digital downloads.  But now, my friends, vinyl record sales are so on the rise that “the kids today” are starting to just […]

So Super Nintendo Mini SNES Might Actually Be Happening This Year

Where to Buy the Super Nintendo Mini SNES 2017 - 2018

We have to admit, all of our retro and nostalgic video game prayers have really been coming true lately.  This time around word on the street is that Nintendo will be releasing its Super Nintendo as “Super Nintendo Mini SNES” this coming holiday season. After the insane success that was the “Nintendo Classic Mini” last […]

The Best Turntables and Record Players That Complete Your Vinyl Obsession

Best Record Players & Turntables 2017 for Vinyl Records Pro to Beginner Reviews

We couldn’t be more psyched that vinyl is back and bigger than (almost) ever before.  Vinyl record sales are at a 25-year high and so it only makes sense turntables and record players are on the rise as well.  There’s something super nostalgic about it and so we’re loving some of these turntables that look […]

The 22 Best Quotes & Scenes from The Godfather

The Godfather Movie Quotes, Gifs and Scenes

We don’t want to oversell this, but The Godfather may just be the best movie of all time.  We’ll let that sink in for a minute. This year The Godfather is celebrating its 45th anniversary.  Can you imagine?  Whether you’re a fan of the first one, the second, or the third (yes we did that in […]

The Best Te-Amo Cigars for the Beginner or Cigar Aficionado

Best Te Amo Cigar Reviews 2017 - 2018 Te-Amo Toro, Robusto, Value Box

Even if you’re not a huge cigar aficionado almost everyone knows the Te-Amo cigar brand.  These popular cigars are packed tight and typically have a wonderful earthy flavor with hints of spice and leather.  Sure some can run on the expensive side, but all of our favorites are under $100.  If you’re buying these for […]

6 of the Best Running Shoes For Men Lighting Up Amazon Right Now

Best Mens Running Shoes 2017 - Amazon Trainers Reviews 2018 for Men

It’s officially that time of year.  Well, it’s always that time of year if you’re a runner.  Whether you’re jogging, running, or just walking super-super fast, the right pair of running shoes are an absolute must.  Have you ever run in just a regular pair of sneakers?  Sure the first few times is fine, but after […]

The 6 Coolest White Sneakers for Men This Summer

Coolest White Sneakers for Men 2017 - Best Mens White Sneaker Trend 2018

…because it doesn’t matter if it’s pre or post Labor Day. One of our favorite things about the white sneaker trend for men that we’re seeing pop up all over the place recently is that they really go with almost anything in your wardrobe.  White sneakers with shorts?  Check.  White sneakers with jeans?  Of course. Pair […]

9 of the Best Dominican Cohiba Cigars When You’re Going Non-Cuban

Best Cohiba Cigars 2024 - Reviews of Cohiba Dominican Cigar Boxes on Sale Online 2024

What can we say? We really can’t turn down our favorite cigars, ever and we’re still in love with all things Cohiba when it comes to cigar choices.  Sure if we could choose we’d totally go with Cuban route, but when our hands are tied we’ll always go with Cohiba’s killer Dominican blends.  There are clearly […]

People on Amazon are Freaking Out Over These Paw Patrol Toys

Best PAW Patrol Toys 2017 on Amazon - Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Games, Figures, & Characters 2018

If you have kids you, for sure, know all things Paw Patrol.  What started out as your kid begging you to let them watch it, has turned into you kind of watching it yourself even after they go to bed because, well, all the characters are just so damn cute! These lovable characters consist of 6 […]

The Best Bongs All the Smokers You Know are Pretty Much Using in 2018

Best Bongs in 2017 - Top Selling Bong Brands & Reviews 2018

…because it’s time to upgrade your bong from college because, well, you’re pretty much an adult now so why not class-up your smoking experience. Even if you love smoking a joint, eventually, you’re going to want to spend a little time with a bong.  If you’re new to it, don’t worry, there are a ton […]

The 7 Best Dab Rigs That’ll Convince You to Toss Out That Bong

Best Cheap Dab Rigs 2017 - Oil Rig & Dab Rig Reviews Online 2018

What a time to be alive!  If you’re looking for a bit of a less harsh smoking experience than what you’re used to from your favorite bong days, going the way of the dab rig (or ‘oil rig’ as some folks refer to it as) just may be for you.  First off, dab rigs have […]

These Fingerlings Interactive Monkeys May Just Be The Cutest Toy Ever

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey Finger Puppet Toys 2017 - 2018 Christmas

We couldn’t love these little interactive finger monkeys any more than we do.  Oh, and your kids will love them too.   This year it’s all about the Fingerlings Baby Monkeys.  These are quite possibly the cutest interactive toy this year (sorry Hatchimals).  These colorful baby monkeys simply hang out on your finger, hang from […]

9 Best Compact Mini Refrigerators Perfect For Dorms and Offices

Best Small Compact Mini Refrigerators 2017 - IGLOO Stainless Steel Fridge Review 2018

Gone are the days of the old faux-wood mini fridge that you (and everyone else) lugged to college with them year after year. These days small compact refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  Some even have small freezers attached to them so you know you can’t go wrong with that.  Whether you’re […]

The Top 20 Holiday Gifts For 2024 Are…

When you don’t have time to read through all of our Christmas gift reviews and just want to know what the top picks are, how much they cost, if they’re on sale, and where to get ’em…we hear you!  Check out some of the top options for men, women, kids, and even teens this year […]