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Say What Again! The 23 Best Pulp Fiction Quotes of All Time

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Pulp Fiction came out 23 years ago.  So now how old do we all feel?  We remember sneaking into the movies to see it (and then renting the ‘tape’ dozens of times.  We probably didn’t understand half of what was happening or why…but we just knew we totally loved it.  We weren’t supposed to, we just did.  Our favorites Vincent Vega, Jules, Honey Bunny, Pumpkin, Mia, The Gimp…kind of became our friends in our head.  Ugh what a great movie.  Relive the brilliance with our favorite quotes and scenes from Pulp Fiction.  Oh, and drop us a line on Facebook if we missed your favorite quote.

1.  You Want to Rob Banks?

2.  Mmmmm.  This IS a Tasty Burger!

3.  A ‘Please’ Would Be Nice.

4.  Don’t Be Looking At Me Like That, All Right?  I Can Feel Your Look.

5.  You Sending the Wolf?


6.  Did You Just Order a 5-Dollar Shake?

7.  Mmmm.  Yummy.

8.  Five Long Years He Wore This Watch Up His Ass.

9.  Say ‘What’ Again!!

10.  Royale With Cheese.

11.  This is Some Serious Gourmet Shit.

12.  Don’t Be a …. (Square).

13.  Tell That Bitch to Be Cool!

14.  Ezekiel 25:17.

15.  Pride Only Hurts.

16.  Bring Out the Gimp.

17.  Oh, I’m Sorry.  Did I Break Your Concentration??

18.  I Said God Damn! God damn.

19.  Any Time of the Day is a Good Time for Pie.

20.  I Want to Dance.

21.  Awwww Man, I Shot Marvin in the Face.

22.  The French Fox’s Speciality Was Sex.


23.  …this…