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Unveiling the Top Sneaker Picks for Guys That are Editor Tested and Reviewed

Must-Have Men's Sneakers for the Everyday Dude

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Best Sneakers for Men 2024


Welcome to the ultimate sneaker showdown, where comfort meets style and every step feels like a walk in the clouds!  Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but comfort is always the top priority when I’m choosing a pair of sneakers.  As a self-proclaimed sneaker aficionado, I’ve scoured the sneakerverse to bring you the crème de la crème of comfort kicks for every occasion.  From pounding the pavement to hitting the trails, whether you’re strolling the streets or striding through the great outdoors, I’ve handpicked the (subjectively) most comfortable sneakers.

Maybe you’re the type that likes to change your sneaker style with the season, or maybe you’ve worn out your running shoes (face it, they’re lawn mowing shoes now).  Whether you’re walking, running, or just living in style—all day, every day, get ready to lace up, strap in, and step into sneaker bliss.

So many newly release sneakers out there, and so little time.  The point is, there are so many options out there and it can be pretty overwhelming.  That’s why we’re keeping our list short and to the point.  In fact, every sneaker we’ve recommend below we (or someone we know) actually owns, or has owned.



This is number one for most of us.  If they don’t fit comfortably, all bets are off.  Look for sneakers with ample cushioning, supportive midsoles, and breathable materials to ensure all-day comfort, whether you’re walking, running, or standing for extended periods.


Consider your personal style preferences and the occasions you’ll be wearing the sneakers for. Whether you prefer classic, minimalist designs or bold, statement-making kicks, choose a style that reflects your personality and complements your wardrobe.


If you’re using the sneakers for specific activities like running or training, prioritize performance features such as traction, stability, and flexibility. Look for sneakers with specialized features designed to enhance performance and support your athletic endeavors.


Invest in sneakers made from high-quality materials that can withstand daily wear and tear. Pay attention to construction details like reinforced stitching, durable outsoles, and abrasion-resistant overlays to ensure your sneakers last through countless adventures.

Outside of our top 4 testing criteria, you may also want to know the difference between the different styles: 

Walking Sneakers: 

  • Walking sneakers are designed for casual walking or light exercise.
  • They typically feature cushioned midsoles and flexible outsoles to provide comfort and support during walking movements.
  • Walking sneakers often have a more casual and understated design, suitable for everyday wear.

Running Sneakers:

  • Running sneakers are engineered for high-impact activities like running or jogging.
  • They feature advanced cushioning systems, responsive midsoles, and supportive structures to absorb shock and provide energy return.
  • Running sneakers often have a more lightweight and streamlined design to enhance speed and agility.

Trail Sneakers:

  • Trail sneakers are specifically designed for off-road running or hiking on rugged terrain.
  • They feature durable materials, aggressive traction patterns, and protective elements like rock plates or toe guards to provide stability and grip on uneven surfaces.
  • Trail sneakers often have a rugged and weather-resistant design, with added features such as water-resistant uppers and reinforced toe caps.

Lifestyle Sneakers:

  • Lifestyle sneakers are versatile shoes designed for everyday casual wear.
  • They prioritize style and fashion trends over performance features, although they may still offer comfort and support for daily activities.
  • Lifestyle sneakers come in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, allowing wearers to express their personal style and make a fashion statement.



New Balance 997R


New Balance 997R Sneakers Unisex


You can really wear these anywhere.  I prefer them with a classic pair of jeans, or even shorts depending on the time of year.  With their classic silhouette and vibrant colorways, they add a burst of personality for your feet. Whether you’re hitting the streets, grabbing drinks, cruising the boardwalk, or just chilling with friends, the New Balance 997 R sneakers have you covered in style and comfort.



Nike InfinityRN 4

Road Running

Nike InfinityRN 4 - Men's Road Running Shoes


This running shoe is designed to provide maximum support, comfort, and stability mile after mile. With its innovative upper construction, plush cushioning, and responsive React foam midsole, this shoe offers a smooth and energizing ride. The wide platform and secure heel counter promote a stable footstrike, helping to reduce the risk of injuries and fatigue during long runs.  With all of that being said, one of our wearers did find that while it is designed as a snug fit, it bordered on too snug – but they did appreciate how lightweight it felt.



On Men's Cloudsurfer

Trail Running Shoes

On Men's Cloudsurfer Trail Running Shoes


Get ready to conquer the trails like never before. These kicks aren’t just shoes; they’re like a cool passport to off-road adventures and adrenaline-fueled excitement.  This style is a latest release, but I’ve had luck with other versions.  Most like the sleek design and cutting-edge technology – propelling you forward with explosive energy and agility (kind of like strapping little lightning bolts to your feet).  Featuring On’s signature CloudTec cushioning and Missiongrip outsole, they offer unrivaled comfort, traction, and responsiveness on any terrain. 



Converse Chuck Taylor All Star


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star


We and just about everyone we know owns, or has owned a pair of these at some point.  All ages.  It’s just a timeless and cool pair of sneakers, that make a statement,  and express individuality.  With their iconic silhouette and classic design, I’ve rocked them with jeans and a tee, while some of my buddies have even paired them with a suit for a bit of edge.  A concert? Upcoming date?  A little day drinking?  I find that this lightweight shoe covers it all.



HOKA Men's Clifton 9


HOKA Men's Clifton 9


I find the versatility of these sneakers key.  While these are one of my top picks for walking, these are also a great running shoe – so you don’t have to choose, you can opt for a pair that does double duty.  Using innovative technology – their signature plush cushioning  – they offer a responsive ride, with a balanced combination of cushioning and propulsion.  I also love that it’s a light shoe, weighing under 9 ounces. 



adidas Ultraboost 1.0


adidas Men's Ultraboost 1.0 Sneakers


I find these shoes to be the perfect blend of comfort and style. With a sleek Primeknit upper, responsive Boost cushioning, and iconic Three Stripes branding, they’re a great lifestyle and everyday option for hitting the streets, taking a stroll, or just want a sleek, comfortable sneaker that looks good. I know that these aren’t specifically a running shoe, so while I’ve worn this style to the gym in the past, it was more for lifting and free weights, rather than running on a treadmill. I also find them to be more of a medium weight shoe, rather than a true lightweight.



OluKai Mio Lī


OluKai Mio Li Slip On Sneakers


I’ve bought and gifted these with the intent of finding an easy, casual shoe, with the balance of style and versatility.  Living in a colder climate, this is definitely a shoe that he’ll wear during the summer months.  They’re a big fan of how lightweight it is, the ease of the drop in heel and without question the fact that he can remove and wash the footbeds (it is summer after all).  With their premium leather upper, cushioned footbed, and supportive (although that is subjective) EVA midsole, they’re such an easy, effortless option.  They’ve also expanded the color collection, so if neutrals like grays, tans, whites and blacks aren’t your thing, you can find them in shades of green and red as well.