7 New Men’s Sneakers This Month You Need to Add to Your Closet

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So many newly release sneakers out there…so little time.  These are the only ones you need to know about this month.

Best Mens Sneakers 2024 - Tennis Shoes for Men 2024

Because when the season changes, so should your sneakers – at least in theory.  While we certainly don’t claim to be “sneakerheads” (the fact that we put that in quotes should say it all), we do have an odd obsession with sneakers – whether we’re looking for the latest running shoes, comfy everyday tennis shoes, or just want something fashion-forward we can wear to a casual dinner or out running errands.

The point is, there are so many options out there and it cab be pretty overwhelming.  That’s why we’re keeping our list short and to the point.  In fact, every sneaker we’ve recommend below we actually own and use ourselves (minus the latest Air Jordan’s – we don’t have those yet).

This year it’s really all about everything old is new again and so many brands are giving a hat-tip to retro looks and some of their original releases from the 80s and early 90s that now have been re-released with a bit of a modern twist and comfort update.

Check out our personal favorite men’s sneakers for this Martin Luther King Jr. Day! and beyond.

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New Balance 997H x J. Crew
J. Crew


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Perfect For:  The Everyday Sneaker Wearer

Always some of our favorites, J Crew has some really incredible collaborations with other brands.  This time around they’ve joined forces with New Balance to create the 997H sneakers in red, blue, white, and grey.  These are surprising comfortable and while we wouldn’t wear them for running, they do look great with a dark pair of jeans.

Where to Wear Them:  You can really wear these anywhere.  We prefer to them with a classic pair of jeans or even shorts depending on the time of year.

Editor’s Tip:  They may run slightly larger than the size you’re used to wearing (and we mean slightly).  You should be good to go to match your normal size, but something to consider if you wanted to test out the half-size up.

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Adidas CF Lite Racer

Adidas Lite Racer Sneakers

$50.97 (27% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

Perfect For:  The Runner

These are, by far, our favorite running shoes (and with more than 6,800 reviews on Amazon).  They’re probably the most lightweight we’ve ever had and they still provide the support we need for our ankles and shins (goodbye shin-splints!).  We actually also wear these to the gym when working out.  Yeah, we know we should only wear them for running – but still.

These have a two-tone stretch mesh upper so we’re able to wiggle our toes and feel some movement.  They’re great when you sweat too because they’re light an airy.  And their Cloudfoam cushioning make them extra comfortable.  We’ve actually picked these up in a bunch of additional color combs like black on black and white and grey – but there are so many more to choose from.

Where to Wear Them:  You can wear these when you’re going for an outdoor run, on the treadmill at home, or even when working out at the gym (or your home-gym).

Editor’s Tip:  When the sole gets a little too dirty, we spray ours with a little Shout and then toss them in the washer and then the dryer.  They come out looking brand new every time.

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Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

Air Jordans


Buy at Nike

Perfect For:  The Sneakerhead

We all know at least one sneakerhead – the person who’s the first to get the latest and most sought-after sneakers of the year.  Well, what’s old is new again and thanks to Nike, Air Jordan’s are back!  The latest in the line are a retro nod to one of the originals.  These come in white/black/racer blue or you can go with the orange color combo.

Where to Wear Them:  Rock these on the basketball court (just be sure to clean them after) or out and about when you want to impress your friends.

Editor’s Tip:  Sign up to become an official Nike Member and get early access to their releases.  Get an extra 10% off your order with their latest promotion.  Get their offers here.

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Chuck Taylor Leather Slip On Sneakers


Buy at Nordstrom

Perfect For:  The Slip-On Fan

We can never have enough Chuck Taylor’s!  This time around they’ve come up with some really comfy and stylish leather slip-on sneakers (black on black) that are soft-grain leather and official OrthoLite cushioning to give your feet the all day (and night) comfort they need.

Where to Wear Them:  You can wear them with your favorite pair of chinos (and to work if they’re allowed).

Editor’s Tip:  In the warmer months (spring through fall) toss on some no-show sock and roll up your pants a bit to show off these beauties and a little ankle while you’re at it.

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Nike Killshot 2


Buy at Nordstrom

Perfect For:  The Retro Look

We’ve owned multiple pairs of the Killshot and Killshot 2 tennis shoes from Nike, but they were always with either the navy blue or green swoosh.  This time around we’re talking about all white on white – a true nod to some of our favorite pairs of kicks when we were younger.  Keep in mind these are leather vs. canvas so they really do work all year round and make them look a bit dressier.

Where to Wear Them:  Bumming around town, running errands, or meeting friends for apps and drinks.

Editor’s Tip:  While we found the best price at Nordstrom, if you shop them directly at Nike you can get an extra 10% off just by signing up for their newsletter. Get their latest offers here.

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Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops


Buy at Nordstrom

Perfect For:  The Classic Look

You knew we’d have to add another pair of Chuck Taylor’s to our list.  You can never go wrong with the classic All Stars – especially in black.  These canvas high-tops come in a ton of different colors to choose from, but black is always our favorite and can really be worn any time of year.

Where to Wear Them:  Heading out to that concert you’ve been waiting for all year? That upcoming date?  A little day drinking?  There really isn’t a time or place you can’t sport these.

Editor’s Tip:  Perfect with a pair of shorts, but if you want to wear your favorite denim jeans or chinos, just give your cuffs a little tight-roll (not too tight) and show them off a bit.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Roav
New Balance

Buy at Amazon

Perfect For:  The Casual Jogger

If you’re not an everyday runner, but more of a casual jogger you can’t go wrong with these popular picks from New Balance.  They currently have more than 13,000 reviews on Amazon with 80% of reviewers rating them 5 out of 5 stars.  While white is always a good idea, these currently come in over 30 different color combinations to choose from.  More importantly, their Fresh Foam insole makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds.  For real.

Where to Wear Them:  When you’re going out for your occasional jog, hitting up the gym, or just out for a brisk walk.

Editor’s Tip:  In our experience with these, we recommend to go a half-size up to give you a little extra room and to make sure they’re not a bit too tight.

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