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Surfs Up: Lavett & Chin Sea Salt Spray & Hair Mist

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Best Sea Salt Spray 2016 - Lavette & Chin Hair Mist Hair Spray Review

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You know how you want it to look like you’re not trying with your hair when you’re actually trying quite a bit?  It’s cool, we get it.  You could blame hipsters but, truth be told, we blame the cave people.  It really started with them.

We love everything about the beach, including the easy breezy lifestyle, so we’ve found the perfect way to capture that beach look no matter what the season is and, well, since spring and summer is right around the corner let’s have at it!  For us, we think you can’t beat Lavett & Chin Original Sea/ Salt Texturing Hair Mist.  Created by Brent Lavett and used by a ton of models (especially those that hang around the J. Crew studios) to get the no-frills beach look, Lavett brilliantly combined rose flower water, Maris sea salt and algae extract in order to provide some texture to your hair without weighing it down, but keeping it in place without looking overly styled. Brilliant.

You can spray it in your hair when it’s already went (lightly towel dry) and run your fingers through your hair a few times, style and let air dry.  But it also worked great for us when our hair was mostly dry and we wanted to bring it back to life a little without having to wash it all over again.  The smell is decent too and anything that reminds us of our days at the beach can’t be wrong.  Pick it up here for $25 and thank us later.