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11 Best Quotes from Can’t Hardly Wait

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1998’s “Can’t Hardly Wait” brought us some early appearances of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Seth Green, Jason Segel, Sara Rue, Melissa Joan Hart, and Ethan Embry.  For real, everyone was in this movie.  You, reading this now, you were probably in it.  You should check.  What we all thought a regular high-school party would be like, go back almost 20 years and remember some of the best quotes and scenes from Can’t Hardly Wait.  P.S., Seth Green had the best lines.

1. Why y’all gotta waste my flava?  Damn!

2.  Amanduuuuhhhh

3.  Would. You. Like. To. Touch. My. Penis.

4.  I can’t feel my legs.  I have no legs!!!!

5.  I kind of believe in fate….it just works in f*cked up ways sometimes.

6.  You’re white!

7.  Oh Seth!

8.  So many feels.

9.  The normal thought process…

10.  Melissa Joan Hart at her finest.

11.  When things got oh-so-deep.