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22 Best Quotes & Embarrassing Scenes from Teen Witch

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Was there anything better than 1989’s Teen Witch movie? And by “better” we mean “worse.” And by “worse” we mean “BETTER!” Poor Louise just wanted to be the most popular girl in school which, to no surprise, ends up being a song in this cult classic about a girl who…wait for it…becomes a teenage witch.   And who can forget the epic rap-off-battle of “Top That?” Secondhand embarrassment everywhere! Enjoy the best quotes and many, many, many, embarrassing scenes from Teen Witch:

1.  Poor Polly was so right.  We blame the constant floppy hats.

2.  Along with that polygamist sect hairdo.

3.  Is that a good thing?

4.  The original Hyperlapse app…

5.  Be careful what you wish/act for!

6.  Richie, the unsung hero of Teen Witch (after Shana, of course)

7.  The voice of reason.

8.  And the hits just keep on coming.

9.  Top THAT!

And if that wasn’t enough…how about just some secondhand embarrassment….

10.  Cuz every cool guy needs a popular girl (in a Hawaiian shirt)

11.  And dance, and makeup, and dance, and makeup.  The 80’s rule!

12.  You can try until you’re blue/I will make a fool of you.  Top that.

13.  Gym looks fun.

14.  The one where sunglasses saved this ginger.

15.  Louise is 16 going on 17.

16.  Silly whites.

17.  Standard 80’s hair montage.

18.  2nd base.

19.  Rounding third.

20.  Homerun.

21.  Never stop fluffing.

22.  Ugh these chicks are still at it.

Eh, and while you’re here you might as well watch the Top That video:

Ok fine.  And the “Top That” lyrics so you can sing along:

I’m king, and they know it
When I snap my fingers everybody says show it
I’m hot
and your not
But if you wanna hang with me I’ll give it one shot
Top that, top that
You can give all that you can, but you will never top that!
You can dream until you’re blue but you can never top that
huh huh

Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that
Such a waste of pretty face but hanging in your no one’s face
I wish that you would take a look and really stop that
Top that, stop that
I don’t really give a about tryin’ to top that
Top that, stop that
I wish you finally take a real look and really stop that
What’s this, stop that
What gives, stop that
I don’t really give a about tryin’ to top that
top that, big deal
top that, unreal
you can try until you’re blue
I will make a fool of you


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