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The Only 5 Pairs of Jeans You Need in Your Closet This Year

Light, Dark, Slim, Baggy - anything goes.

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Best Jeans For Men 2024

There are so many types of jeans out there and it can be so overwhelming.  The good news?  These are the only 5 pairs of denim you need and they’ll take care of you all year long.

I’m officially throwing the “rule book” out the window that claims you can only wear light colored jeans in the spring and summer and dark in the fall and winter. I’m not great at following rules anyway. Light-to-dark washed denim looks great if you’re heading to the office or out on that date you’ve been nervously waiting to go on.  And sometimes an event requires something darker. I’ve got you covered there too.

I’ve seen so many sites listing out the top 20 or 30 pairs you need.  Really?  If I’m being honest don’t we all basically wear the same pair all the time and may or may not wash them regularly?  Don’t judge me.

So instead of providing you with a laundry-list of options I’ve really narrowed it down to 5 (yep, just 5) that take care of you all year long no matter where you’re going.  Who needs the over-kill anyway?



Are these jeans actually comfortable to wear or is it like wearing stiff cardboard rubbing against your skin and making it almost impossible to sit down?  Do they move with you as you walk or stay rigid in place?


Fit is always going to be objective, but we looked at how true these were to size.  Is the slim fit really more of a skinny fit?  Is relaxed more baggy?  What’s the real deal?


The goal is denim, sure, but what other materials are being used to help with flexibility?  Are they sustainable and/or ethically sourced?  We’re judging. 


Personally I barely wash my jeans, but after wearing these for the past few months and washing them weekly (ugh!), how did they really hold up?  Did they fade?  Did rips (that are intentional) get bigger?

Without further ado, here’s my list of the best men’s jeans that look and fit perfectly in 2024 and beyond!



J. Crew “484” Slim Fit Jeans

best jeans for guys overall

J Crew Slim Fit Jeans


Year after year these 484-fits from J. Crew are my absolute favorite.  They fit perfectly and aren’t too slim or too relaxed.  There are a bunch of different washes you can choose from, but you can’t go wrong with their classic Resin Rinse.

I love how soft they actually feel compared to some other jeans I own (even the real expensive ones that come in at over $250 – yikes!)  I feel like the dark selvedge are a bit stiffer than J. Crew’s lighter washed jeans, which isn’t the worst – just a heads up.  I prefer wearing darker anyway when I have to feel a little more dressed up.

Where to Wear Them:  Of course you can wear these anywhere, but these are a sure-thing when you want to show off some style at the office (when you’re allowed) and, of course, when you’re heading out for drink during the week or weekend.

Editor’s Tip:  Due to the dark color, make sure you wash these with darker colors for the first few washes to make sure it doesn’t bleed onto anything light.  My real tip?  I’m not known for washing my jeans regularly (I know, I’m gross) – but it keeps them looking great.



Levi’s 569 Loose/Straight Fit Jeans

Classic jeans always in style

Levi's Straight Loose Jeans


It may have been a while since you bought a pair of Levi’s but – truth be told – these are currently one of the top sellers on Amazon right now and they’ve raked in more than 35,000 reviews (with almost 80% of the reviewers rating them 5 stars!). 

These are the relaxed fit, meaning if you’re looking for them to be slim-fit you’re out of luck.  But, don’t worry, because they tend to fit true to size and aren’t too baggy or bulky.  If you’re tired of trying to keep up with the trend, you can’t go wrong with these.  The come in a wide variety of colors and washes too.

I found that these feel really soft, actually.  In fact, when compared to my favorite J. Crew 484’s I mentioned above, these Levi’s feel much softer.  

Where to Wear Them:  These in particular (pictured above) are the perfect “everyday” jeans that you can wear to simply hang around in, but when paired with a nice button-down shirt can dress them up a bit.

Editor’s Tip:   Be careful because some shades/styles come as a button-fly, which I’m cool with, but I know some guys hate that.  If a button-fly isn’t your jam, just choose one with the traditional zipper.

Discount Availability:  I found the best price on Amazon, but they don’t offer discounts (as you know).  However, if you shop direct at Levi’s website they offer a 20% off welcome order (first order only), 15% off for teachers, 25% off for medical professionals, 15% off for military, and 25% off for students.  Get all their latest offers here.



Everlane's Classic Selvedge Slim Fit

best sustainable denim option

Everlane Jeans in Selvedge Denim


I was a bit late to the game when it came to Everlane, but I’m so glad I discovered them.  They fit amazingly well and, even better, they have a bit of a stretch to them, which I genuinely appreciate after a big meal.  These in particular are pretty casual, but they have a bunch of additional color choices, washes, and styles too.

I’ve washed these a bunch of times (due to spillage) and, so far, they’re still holding up and are in great shape.  I do put them in the dryer on a low heat setting and due to the polyester/elastane mix I haven’t noticed them shrink yet.  I do, however, feel like they seem a bit form-fitting after they come out of the dryer.  They don’t feel stiff at all, but I have to do some bends and lunges (for real!) in them to make them feel less tight.  Not a deal breaker though.

Where to Wear Them:  Another great pair of “everyday denim” but can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the look you’re going for.

Editor’s Tip:  I still enjoying cuffing/rolling my jeans (can’t stop/won’t stop), so if you’re into that…with these I recommend to think about going a length up.  If not, these are pretty true to size so order what you usually would.

Discount Availability:  Everlane usually doesn’t have discounts, but at times new customers can get 15% off when you sign up for their emails.  They also offer free shipping on order with a $75 purchase too!  Get all their offers here.



AG Graduate Tailored Leg Stretch Jeans

the splurge pair of jeans

AG Tailored Mens Jeans


Everyone should have a pair of grey (or grey-ish) jeans in their closet.  They go great with a simple white or black tee or even a classic buffalo-check button-down shirt.  These also made my list because they have a little bit of stretch to them so they already feel like they’ve been worn in a bit.

Where to Wear Them:  Perfect for your local watering hole, that upcoming concert, or when you want a bit of a rocker vibe without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Editor’s Tip:  Unlike the above mentioned denim options, these AG jeans only come as one standard 34 length option – not because others out of stock, but just because that’s it!  That’s kind of annoying, but you can always roll them at the ankle or take them to your trusted tailor so they fit exactly how you want them.  

Discount Availability:  If you shop direct at AG, you can get an extra 10% off when you subscribe to their emails.  It takes two seconds and you’ll get a code to use when you checkout.  Get it here.



Abercrombie Ripped Athletic/Skinny Jeans

best to rock-out in

Abercrombie Athletic Skinny Jeans (Ripped)


Say what you will about Abercrombie, but there’s no denying they have some of the best (and most affordable) denim around.  And, don’t worry, it’s not like they have their moose logo on them anywhere!

Every guy needs just one pair of ripped jeans and the fact that these are also black, you can’t go wrong.  It’s like a 2-for-1!  I love these because they’re actually a mix of skinny with athletic sizing.  If you’re not sure what that means, basically you won’t look like a douche.

I’ve had these for at least six months and while they’re holding up well after washing and drying them, I noticed that the the rips in the knees are fraying a bit.  And, full disclosure, when putting them on I put my foot right through the knee hole making the rip/hole way bigger – which is kind of annoying, but that’s totally user error.  Just be mindful!

Where to Wear Them:  The weekend bar scene, a casual outdoor dinner, or that concert you’ve been waiting for all year long.

Editor’s Tip:  If you’re looking for a bit of a tighter fit around the leg so that the rips in the knees look more fitted (yep, that’s a thing) you may want to check out their other size options.  They can all be found right here.

Discount Availability:  You can usually get 15% off when you sign up for their emails.  You can also get free shipping when you spend just $75 on your purchase.  Get all their offers here.



There are a ton of different styles and fits out there and while it’s easy to choose by color (you already know what you like!) it can be way more difficult to figure out what all the different ‘fits’ are all about.

Are you more of a skinny jeans guy?  More of a slim-fit guy?  A traditional straight-fit denim wearer?  Who the hell knows?!  I broke down the real differences between the most popular fits so you can finally sport the ones that’ll look and feel the best on you.


A traditional straight cut right from the knees down to the ankle.  Straight fit jeans are typically a bit more fitted to your body (don’t worry, they’re usually not tight or anything) than relaxed fit and provide some room in the butt and thighs.  If you don’t want to look like you’re wearing baggy jeans, but don’t want them stuck to your body, these are the ones for you.


Here’s the difference with slim fit.  Yes they’re a little more form-fitting, but they look great for any age and not like you’re trying too hard.  You don’t have to be skinny to wear these, but an average body type totally will work with these.

Sometimes I toss in an extra run during the week just so I can fit into these (and by “sometimes” I mean “I did it once.”). Slim fit tapers right below the knee for a bit of a more narrow leg opening. These are also perfect when you want to rock a cuff or, dare I say, a classic tight-roll.


I pretty much blame all guys freaking out of which jeans to buy on “the skinny fit.”  These will typically be extra fitted in the butt and thighs and pretty tight at the knees and ankle.  The skinny fit is going to have a super narrow leg opening.

Here’s the deal with these.  I feel like most people can’t sport this look and anyone over a certain age may want to think twice about going the truly skinny fit.  I mean, do it if you.  I just can’t.  I tried.  I didn’t get them over my knees and fell over in the dressing room.