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You Won’t Believe What Jodi from “Making a Murderer” is Saying Today!

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Jodi from “Making a Murderer” (I just pretend that’s her last name) is speaking to a producer on Nancy Grace and you won’t believe what she has to say about Steven Avery and what she did to try and get away from him.  I assume it was just constant smirking until she went to her happy place, but apparently she went to extremes just to get a little quality time at the local hospital.  Watch:

We learn that Jodi, the Buster from Arrested Development of our generation, believes that Avery is “a monster” and that she never really loved him, even though she lived with him for two years.  Jodi claims, in fact, that she ate (wait for it….wait for it) two boxes of rat poisoning just to escape him and stay in the hospital.  By “two boxes of rat poisoning” I believe she really meant “two boxes of wine” no?

Jodi clearly thinks that the walrus-like Avery isn’t innocent at all. Evidently, Steven Avery has mailed 4 letters to Jodi from prison since the airing of the Netflix documentary/best weekend of my life, but Jodi would only open and (try to) read one of them.  In the one letter, Avery allegedly threatened our poor (literally) little Jodi and asked her for money.  She reported the letter to police.  I mean, how much money did Avery really think he was going to get from Jodi?  The last time we saw her she was wearing an oversized NASCAR puffy-wind-breaker-jacket.  Maybe he wanted any spare change in her coat pockets?  Hopefully season 2 of Making a Murderer will explain this.

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