The 25 Most Embarrassing Moments from Fuller House

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Well folks, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  The “Full House” reboot “Fuller House” debuted on Netflix and half the country just finished their obligatory binge-watch.  Truth be told, I watched.  But, don’t judge me because I strictly watched just to see if anyone would bring Papouli back from the dead.  Sadly, they never did.  Since I’ll never get back the time it took me to watch the 13 episodes, get ready for some major spoiler alerts and enjoy the 25 most embarrassing scenes and quotes from Fuller House.

1.  When the cast work-shamed the Olsen Twins for an awkward 15 seconds:

2.  When Macy Gray, inexplicably, showed up to sing and judge a Dirty Dancing competition and may or may not have been on meth (stolen from Sweetin’s old stash):


3.  When they randomly decided to go deep and have Stephanie announce that she can’t have children:


4.  When the “How Rude” tour commenced:


5.  That whole “She-Wolf” pack and howl that. would. not. stop.


6.  When Uncle Jessie got in on the action:


7.  When Uncle Joey worked extra hard for that Netflix money:


8.  When the douche-brothers from Dancing With the Stars ‘acted’


9.  All. Of. This.


10.  When they all sang the Flintstones theme song…again…with a split screen.  We get it.


11.  When the girls got “drunk” off one shot of tequila and prank called Michele Tanner:


12.  When Kimmy did her obligatory “stinky feet” schtick:


13.  When Uncle Joey wouldn’t let us forget Bullwinkle.  Ever.


14.  Any time Kimmy Gibbler’s ex-husband came on screen with his Sofia Vergara accent:


15.  When they just kept coming for the Olsen Twins:


16.  When they all decided to do the New Kids on the Block dance…for laughs:


17.  When “Steve loves to eat” jokes never ever ended:


18.  When DJ drunkenly called Michelle and then read her:


19.  When Uncle Jessie lip-synched “Forever” to Ant Becky in front of everyone and I turned red with embarrassment:


20.  When that “Dirty Dancing” scene just kept going:


21.  Ugh.


22.  When Kimmy got drunk and called Michele Tanner and we were all like “WE GET IT!”


23.  Candace Cameron Bure’s “Real Housewives” opening hair pull:


24.  When the real Nikki and Alex showed up to announce they’re going to surfing school and did this:


25.  Going lez for a laugh:


So that’s that.  Are you as embarrassed as me?  Also, I have to admit I found Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) to be the most likable.  I love that we live in a world where Andrea Barber is given a second chance.  I knew I followed her on Twitter and Tweeted her bad Full House jokes 3 times per year for a reason!

P.S., Shoutout to Harry Takayama.   They got everyone to make surprise cameo.  Just not Papouli.  R.I.P.