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13 Best Quotes and Life Lessons from The Goonies

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…because we all were ready to drop everything and go look for Chester Coppperpot and have the adventure of our lives. Relive the memories with some of the best quotes from our favorite 80’s go-to movie,   The Goonies.

  13.  The only way you knew how to greet your friends:

12.  When the cut-out mouth was never safe again:

11.  When we totally believed Chunk:

10.  When things got real serious:  

9.  When even as kids we knew this was the worst comeback ever:

8.  When everyone yelled back “Then go!”

7.  When there was no other possible way to say “Baby Ruth”

6.  When at first we didn’t know what that was:

5.  And then we knew it, practiced it and perfected it:

4.  When we thought this was good enough for an Oscar:

3.  When we felt sorta bad for her:

2.  When we all felt like we were Goonies too:

1.  And when we were ready to start on our own adventure (but still had to be home before the streetlights went on)