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The 22 Best Quotes & Scenes from The Godfather

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The Godfather Movie Quotes, Gifs and Scenes

We don’t want to oversell this, but The Godfather may just be the best movie of all time.  We’ll let that sink in for a minute. This year The Godfather is celebrating its 45th anniversary.  Can you imagine?  Whether you’re a fan of the first one, the second, or the third (yes we did that in that order) there are so many iconic quotes and scenes that are ingrained in our head for life that it’s nearly impossible to list out our favorites without basically becoming a court stenographer and just listing out every line from all The Godfather movies.  Check out some of the best quotes and scenes from The Godfather we love and check back often because, clearly, we’ll be updating this as more and more quotes pop into our heads and when you yell at us on Facebook when we miss your favorite.  Share!

1.  I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.

2.  I know it was you, Fredo.  You broke my heart.  You broke my heart!!

3.  How did things ever get so far?

4.  A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.

5.  Leave the gun.  Take the cannoli.

6.  It’s to send you a message.  It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

7.  You come to my house…on the day my daughter is to be married…and you ask me to do murder.  For money.

8.  Bonasera…Bonasera…What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?

9.  Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again.  Ever.

10.  I want you to arrange a meeting with the heads of the five families.

Merch for the True Fans:

11.  Tom, can you get me off the hook?  For old times’ sake?

12.  I’m not that clever.

13.  That is not justice.

14.  Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold.

15.  Michael Francis Rizzi, do you renounce Satan?

16.  It’s not personal Sonny.  It’s strictly business.

17.  We don’t discuss business at the table.

18.  Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!

19.  And then when she was doing all this:

20.  And these ‘simpler times’

21.  Chills…

22.  And…

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