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Brostrick, LLC was founded in 2014 (before every website under the sun was creating content around products) by three dudes with over 15 years of online experience who wanted to create a business that spoke to (and with) all the stuff that guys dig.  From the latest fashion and style trends that the average guy can wear (nothing high-fashion off the runway), cool grooming habits and products we swear by, our love of bourbon, tech gadgets, gift ideas most guys will actually want to buy (and maybe even use themselves) and even some funny quotes from our favorite movies from the 80’s and 90’s (simpler times).  We’re your one-stop-shop for guys to, well, shop.

Since its inception, Brostrick has grown to include popular reviews of the latest sales and deals taking place each and every day from some of the top retailers because, yeah, dudes like saving money too.  Have you seen how expensive mattresses are these days?!

Since 2014, we’ve helped more than 5 million guys (ok, well, women too) make buying decisions to the tune of more than $15 million in retail sales!

So whether you’re a guy looking to treat yourself, a dude looking to pick out something for another dude, or a woman looking to snag something for the guy in your life – we’ve got you covered.


In an online world where it seems like everyone is telling what “the best” things are, we’re basing our recommendations on products we use, can’t get enough of, have bought for ourselves, someone else, or have thoroughly researched and reviewed.  Our bourbon editor/genius Ross has purchased, tested (a little too much) more than 80 bourbons and whiskeys and has put endless hours into his reviews.  John, our deals editor has combed through data on thousands of products that are currently on sale and then chose specific ones he thinks are the best deals from places like Amazon and other major retailers.  You get the point.

What makes Brostrick different is that we’re real-live-people who have created each and every article you see on our site.  We’re not using tools like some other sites that simply import products from retailers and pull the retailer’s product description, image, and price.  Our editors are hand selecting each product and putting their own take on why they love it, why they’re recommending it, along with additional places you can buy it online.  Plus, our main focus is on the “everyday dude” who is simply looking for some really cool stuff.  No pretentiousness here.


Each article you read on Brostrick is written by a human editor (not AI), so you can trust that what you’re reading has been personally written and reviewed.

Each editor chooses products that they either actually love, own, have purchased, or have endlessly researched by reading dozens of reviews (both good and bad), monitored on social media sites (like TikTok), and more.

In the spirit of full disclosure, our editors test out products they’re recommending when they can.  Please note this is certainly not always the case, but when you see an individual product reviewed as a stand-alone article it has likely been tested, used, and reviewed.  If you see a product round-up (a gift guide for example), most likely each product listed has not been tested, but it has still gone through our normal research and review process listed above.

While everyone loves shopping on Amazon, we know this isn’t for everyone so when we can, we list an additional one to two retailers that also offer the product we’re recommending.  Our goal is to help you make a more informed buying decision based on retailer, price, and potential sale price.

Sure we’re in the “everyday dude” space, but that doesn’t mean our site is just for guys.  While a lot of our content typically appeals more-so to the male audience, there are plenty of women who visit Brostrick and make purchases based on our recommendations as well.

Currently our traffic demo breakdown is:

  • 76% male
  • 24% female

That might sound weird, but we actually have fun around Brostrick because, let’s face it, we’re not curing cancer around here.  We want to talk to you like you’re one of our buddies and give you the real-deal when it comes to what we like about something, what we don’t like, and why we think something is the perfect deal right now.


Not that there’s anything wrong with ads at all, but you won’t find ads when you’re consuming content on our site (outside of affiliate links).  

Privacy matter and, more importantly, your privacy matters.  We do not collect any of your information to share or sell.  Read more about our privacy policy here.

We’ve talked about our extensive affiliate disclosure here, but we want to reiterate that we don’t only choose products based on us making a small commission on them.  There are plenty of products recommended on Brostrick where we don’t make any money at all, but because our editors really do love that particular product.

Unlike some other sites, we are not using any automated systems to pick products and write the content (you know the ones).   Everything we’re recommended has been chosen and hand-picked by one of our editors.



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