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13 Best Quotes From Arrested Development

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I want to live in a world that solely consists of Arrested Development gifs and quotes. And a brand new season of AD being confirmed on Netflix means we can continue loving these quotes for a lifetime.  These are my favorites.

1.  When Buster Has Had ENOUGH!

2.  When Buster is Desperate! 

3.  When You Don’t Need Double Talk

4.  How I Answer 95% of Questions


5.  I’m Flllllyyyyyyyiiiinnnng

6.  What Are You….Chicken?

7.  Aaaaaaah Gene!

8.  One Word…

9.  When Panic Sets In

10.  Uh, My Eyes Are Up Here

11.  …From Army

12.  So True

13.  I’m a Monster!

And then just some great facial expressions…


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