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The 9 Best Men’s Polo Shirts to Go From Work to the Weekend

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…because we’re all allowed to dress-down on Friday’s in the summer, so why not show up to work in style?  Flip through some of our favorite polo shirts for men this season and up your office game and seamlessly transition to happy hour when you sneak out early.

2017 Mens Polo Shirts - Ralph Lauren, Lacoste Pocket Short Sleeve Polos 2018

We have to admit, we still totally dig sporting a polo shirt in the summer.  But, we’re still a little scarred by the memory of this basically being our uniform growing up.  Fear not, the polo has changed since you were little.  First off, not all the sleeves are so tight they make you look like The Fonze when he would vacation in the summer.  Second, they come in a variety of fabrics, styles and fits that work with whatever your current body status is.  Shop our picks for the coolest short sleeve polo shirts in 2024.

1.  Polo Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Button Down Short Sleeve Polo in Light Blue Stripes – Buy It Here for $85

Mens Polos 2017: Ralph Lauren Blue Striped

Shop Now: $85

2.  Rag & Bone ‘Standard Issue’ Navy Blue Cotton Polo – Buy It Here For $125

Mens Polos 2017: Rag & Bone

Shop Now: $125

3.  Alex Mill Cotton Jersey Polo Shirt in Purple – Buy It Here For $85

Mens Polos 2017: Alex Mill Pink

Shop Now: $85

4.  Classic Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton-Pique Slim Fitting Polo Shirt in Navy – Buy It Here For $85

Mens Polos 2017: Classic Ralph Lauren Polo Navy Blue

Shop Now: $85

5.  Maison Kitsune Grey Cotton Polo – Buy It Here For $150

Mens Polos 2017: Maison Kitsun Grey w/ Fox

Shop Now: $150

6.  Ralph Lauren Purple Label Black & White Striped Polo – Buy It Here For $395

Mens Polos 2017: Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Shop Now: $395

7.  Classic Lacoste Short Sleeve Polo in Black – Buy It Here For $90

Mens Polos 2017: Lacost Black

Shop Now: $90

8. Hartford Printed Cotton-Linen Blend Polo Shirt for Men – Buy It Here For $145

Mens Polos 2017: Hartford Cotton/Linen

Shop Now: $145

9.  Onia ‘Shaun’ Slim-Fit Striped Polo in Grey – Buy It Here For $85

Mens Polos 2017: Onia Slim Fit

Shop Now: $85

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