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22 Best Scenes & Quotes from Home Alone We’ll Never Forget

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Home Alone, one of the movies we find ourselves watching each and everything Thanksgiving/Christmas season just turned 25.  To sum up, we’re all old.  But regardless of how old we are, we’ll never forget some of the best scenes and quotes that play on a loop in our minds and always will for the rest of eternity.  Here’s our 22 favorite scenes from the movie that really made us think we could live on our own at age 10, Home Alone:

1.  When he wished us a Merry Christmas (ya filthy animal)

2.  When he also let us keep the change

3.  When he had the tantrum we’ve all had

4.  When he was chill AF

5.  When he never got the sound of ‘KEVIN!” out of our head

6.  When he told the truth

7.  When we were forced to grow up

8.  When we all practiced this in the mirror for the majority of the early 90’s

9.  When we thought about the possibility

10.  When we hated that creepy uncle

11.  When this became our form of an alarm system

12.  When we’ve all been there

13.  When the ‘special effects’ blew our mind

14.  When we were overly envious

15.  When we first realized our worst nightmare

16.  When we wondered exactly how many Culkin’s there really were

17.  When we knew something seemed off

18.  The first time someone put this together and we had our first ‘Ah-ha moment’

19.  When we imagined this is what winter will look like this year

20.  When the “bad guy” didn’t seem so bad

21.  When Kevin wasn’t playing anymore

22.  When we met Buzz’s girlfriend….woof