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These Swim Trunks Will Work For Any Summer Body You’re Currently Rocking

Editor tested, reviewed, and recommended.

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Best Swim Trunks & Bathing Suits for Men 2024


Because all your hard work this past year has finally paid off and you’re ready to flaunt your new vacation-ready body…or you just got good at sucking it in like me!

I’ve been covering swim trunks here at Brostrick since 2014 (10 years!) and one of the biggest things I’ve noticed over the past decade is that more brands are using sustainable and recycled materials and many are incorporating anti-odor technology and UV protection right in the swimsuits themselves.  Times they-are-a-changing.


There are a bunch of different styles to choose from, each offering a unique blend of comfort, functionality, and overall style.  Here are the main ones I’ll be reviewing and recommending (sorry, no Speedos here – I can’t!)

  • Boardshorts:  Boardshorts are a classic choice for beachgoers and surfers alike. They typically feature a longer length, hitting just above the knee or slightly below it. They often have a relaxed fit and are made from quick-drying materials, making them key for any type of water sports or activities.

  • Swim Trunks:  Most swim trunks are shorter than boardshorts, usually ending mid-thigh or slightly above the knee.  They offer a balance between coverage and mobility, making them versatile for both swimming and lounging by the pool or passed out on the sand (just me?)

  • Swim Shorts:  Yes, there’s a difference!  Swim shorts offer a more casual and relaxed alternative to trunks and briefs.  They typically have an elastic waistband and a looser, baggier fit, providing more comfort for swimming and lounging around.  Most will come in a variety of lengths, falling from above-the-knee to mid-thigh.

  • Hybrid Shorts:  Hybrid shorts blur the line between swimwear and casual wear, offering the functionality of swim shorts with the style of everyday shorts.  They’re typically made from quick-drying materials and have features like mesh lining and water-resistant finishes, making them suitable for water activities.  I’ll usually use certain hybrid swim shorts when going for runs outdoors too.



You’re going to be sweating in your trunks especially on vacation or during the summer, so comfort is of the utmost importance.  Speaking of, how’s the liner (or lack there of) feeling against the boys?


What’s the stretch factor?  If you’re active, running the beach, swimming, or just sitting horizontal on a lounge chair how much “give” is there when you’re moving around.  Is there flexibility or are you trapped in your shorts?


I wanted to choose different bathing suits at all different price levels even if me, myself, wound’t want to spend that much.  Below you’ll find low (read: cheap), mid priced, and high-end.


More and more brands are using sustainable and recyclable materials.  I’ll be looking at brands that are going this route as much as possible.  No points off if they’re not but I’ll call it out so you can decide for yourself.



Vuori Cruise Boardshorts

best men's bathing suit overall

Vuori Swim Trunks


These are personally my favorite swim trunks that I own, not only because they are so comfortable to wear and dry so fast, but because these also double as my running shorts thanks to their flow, how fast they dry, and their anti-odor properties. 

The drawstring can help tighten these up a bit if the size you buy is a little big but, don’t worry, these fit pretty true to size.  I also love the side and back pockets (mesh lined) so I’m easily able to bring some cash and my license with me when I go for a run or sunblock chapstick when I’m at the beach or pool.  

The length of your bathing suit is almost always a personal preference.  I don’t like them too long (hitting the knee or below like with some board shorts) or way to high so, for me, these fit perfectly a couple of inches above my knee.




J. Crew ECONYL Nylon Bathing Suit

best slim fit trunks

J. Crew Swim Trunks


Another pair of trunks that I own (and have for the past 3 summers) are these blue cloud print trunks from J. Crew.  However, J. Crew recently redesigned this line of bathing suits using different material (ECONYL nylon) and UPF protection that helps keep you protected from those awful UVA and UVB rays (only where the trunks are worn, of course).

Now, I when it comes to the feel of these 6-inch bad boys, while they’re still pretty soft, I feel like the new material and redesign makes them not as soft as their originals.  Not a deal breaker though.  I’ve washed these newbies a small handful of times and wore them out in the sun when I was on the beach in Boca and, so far, they haven’t faded at all.  The original pair I own has slightly faded thanks to the pool chlorine, so I think this is a good sign for this pair.  

These come with a keychain loop on the waistband so you can attach your keys (or singular key) without having to worry about them washing away in the ocean but, honestly, I never use it.  I don’t love that the pockets don’t zipper and when I was on my beach chair sitting up slightly my iPhone get sliding out and falling into the sand.  The good news is that the back pocket does have a button to keep it closed and everything safe in its place.



Amazon Essentials Quick-Dry Swim Trunks

best bang for your buck

Amazon Essentials Swim Trunks


If you’re looking for a cheap bathing suit price-wise but don’t want to compromise quality, you can always for with Amazon’s own brand “Amazon Essentials.”  At last check they have around 43 different colors and patterns to choose from and new options coming in all the time.  

Compared to the trunks from Vuori above or even J.Crew, unfortunately Amazon isn’t using any recycled materials in the making of this swimsuit, so if that’s a deal breaker for you you may want to go with something else.  

I like that the waist is elastic (and forgiving) and the mesh liner is on the softer side to I didn’t really feel a lot of irritation and, honestly, I hate a mesh lining.  Length-wise these are 7″ and hit a couple inches above my knee.  When I sit down with these they do ride up a little but, again, since they’re under $20 bucks it’s something I’m totally willing to overlook.  I actually use these for the pool since there are chemicals in the pool water and I got with a more expensive pair when I’m out at the beach.



Todd Snyder Montauk Swim Shorts

The perfect retro look

Todd Snyder Swim Trunks


When it comes to bathing suits I don’t love having to add one that’s above the $100 price point, but I feel in love with this one as soon as I saw it.  I made the splurge because my go-to style guide is basically anything from Todd Snyder.

These navy strip trunks are definitely on the more luxury end of swimsuit brands, but I dig that they’re not too baggy and not too form fitting either.  Made in part from recycled nylon these actually dry pretty fast and come with a self-draining back pocket and side pockets.  The back pocket stays closed via velcro and has that standard key holder option that I honestly never really fully understand.  

These felt great to wear and the material was nice – almost a little stiff but in a good way because it feels like the water just runs right off it, making it easy to and quick to dry.  

Now, full disclosure.  I did end up returning these, but only because of the 5-inch inseam.  I knew that’s how short they were, but wanted to go for it anyway.  While I loved the trunks, I just didn’t feel like I could pull off that look.  If you feel more comfortable in them than me, go for it!  You won’t be disappointed.



Quicksilver Tijuana Boardshorts

best classic boardshorts

Quicksilver Men's Board Shorts


If you’re more of a classic guy who likes to play it safe, you’re probably more into board shorts than other shorter swim trunks.  I was always short and skinny when I was younger so, to me, board shorts always looked so big on me that I’m basically scared for life.  

I did not hand-test these like I have with the others above, but did research the heck out of them, read a bunch of reviews from people who bought them, and then found them at the best price I could find online.

Inseam-wise, these come in at 19-inches so they’re more likely to hit your knee or very slightly above depending on your height and build.  Don’t get me wrong, these are clearly classic board shorts.  

These unfortunately don’t have side pockets or a mesh liner built in so plan accordingly.  Most guys who reviewed these loved the length and how soft they were on the inside, while still feeling tougher on the outside and how quickly they dried.  On the other hand, many were bummed about the lack of inclusive sizing.



Chubbies Newport Trunks

best for ultimate stretchiness and movement

Chubbies Swim Trunks


I truly love Chubbies because they’re the only real brand I’ve found that make swimsuits for the everyday average dude.  Even the models they use on their site are basically all body-type inclusive, which is refreshing because, let’s be honest, it’s not always fun shopping for and wearing a bathing suit.

The stretch on these trunks is definitely way more stretchy than any other pair I own and have reviewed above.  And while you know I love Vuori and their four-way stretch, I find these even stretchier – if that’s a word.

The colors are actually even more vivid when you get them in-person than when you seem them on their own website and the patterns you can choose from are really fun and some are even great conversation starters and ice breakers.  

Unlike the other brands I’ve reviewed, what’s cool about these is that once you pick your color, size, and/or pattern you get to choose the length (from 4-inches up to 7-inches) so it’s not a “you get what you get” scenario.  I was able to pick up two of them (5.5-inch and 7-inch) so I could try them at home and see which looked better on me (the 7-inch).

If you’re big into recycled materials, these may not be for you because, currently, they’re not made with any.  The lining took me a little bit of time and movement to get used to.  I found myself rearranging for a bit, but then was fine and ready to go.



Bonobos Throwback Trunks

best for rocking that dad look

Bonobos Swim Trunks


These retro surf trunks from Bonobos have everything you’re looking for all in one perfectly fitting pair.  They’re water resistant, has a UPF rating, provides built-in UV protection, interior drawstring, comes in 5 different length choices, and 7 unique colors to choose from.

If you’re looking for something that reminds you of your dad in the late 70s or early 80s (in a good way) these are them!  They’re pretty basic without a lot of frills and print options, but they surely make a statement.  The feel softer than they look and have a slight stretch to them so they shouldn’t ride up on your while you sit down or put yourself horizontally on your beach lounge chair.   

I didn’t have a problem with the waist size, but some guys who reviewed these had to order two pairs at different sizes to see which fit better.   



Psycho Bunny Men's Swim Trunks

best for making a bold statement

Floral Psycho Bunny Swim Shorts


I always love a bright floral print, especially on my bathing suit.  These 5-inch trunks are quick to dry thanks to the mechanical polyester and you can even match these with your kids because they have options for the little ones too.  Father/son day at the beach?  Sure can!

I didn’t end up getting these because, again, the 5-inch length really isn’t my personal jam even though they come with a waterproof bag in the back pocket so you can carry your wet suit with you when you leave the beach and keep it dry and safe all in one place.



Rhone Point Break Board Shorts

a perfect vacation staple

Rhone Swim Trunks


These would have made my #1 pick if it wasn’t for the price.  I really have a tough time spending more than $100 for a pair of trunks, but maybe that’s just me.  

did make the investment in these and was so surprised by so many things.  First, the length is perfect for my taste, preference, and build.  These are also one of my favorites because of their mesh boxer-brief liner that gives you room to move and breathe – if you know what I mean.  I’m not a huge fan of those mesh liners that are more like regular briefs because I always tend to chafe a bit and they ride up too much on me.

While I’m a clean freak, these are also made with anti-odor technology with the goal of letting you wear these longer before having to wash them.  I found this to come in handy while swimming in a lake (you know that “after smell”) and in the pool because of that chlorine smell. It helped cut down on that quite a bit.