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8 Must-Have Hair Products All Men Need This Season

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Best Hair Products for Men 2016 - Mens Hair Wax, Gel, Shampoo, Pomade

We can pretend we don’t care about our hair, but we’d be telling non-truths.  As long as you still have some hair left (fingers crossed for life) you might as well take care of it the best you can.  From hair wax sticks to peppermint shampoos, a stainless steel comb, pomades and everything in between check out the best mens hair products that made our list of must-haves in 2019.

1. Blind Barber Hair Pomade for Men – Buy It Here For $18


Buy Now On Sale: $18

Use This When:  You have short spiky hair or need a little volume for your pompadour (yes, it’s still a thing).  Place a small amount of pomade in your hand, add a few drops of water, rub it around your hands to warm it up and run your fingers through your hair from root to the tip. Either style with your hands or use your favorite comb.

2.  Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Shampoo – Buy It Here For $31


Buy Now On Sale: $31

Here’s the Deal:  Not much will really help make your hair look fuller, but this shampoo can get you closer to that direction thanks to the added Creatine.  Looks like it’s not just for the gym after all.

3.  Malin+Goetz Peppermint Shampoo – Buy It Here For $20


Buy Now On Sale: $20

Why It’s Worth It:  The peppermint not only smells great and helps wake you up during your morning shower, but it gives your head the tingles and can certainly sooth your itchy scalp if, you know, you struggle with that.

4.  American Crew Molding Clay – Buy It Here For $17


Buy Now On Sale: $17

Use This When:  You need a little more control over where your hair is going.  This molding hair clay typically works best when you use it with towel-dried hair (not too wet, not too dry).  Plus, we dig the smell.

5.  Alterna Bamboo Wax Style Stick for Men – Buy It Here For $11


Buy Now On Sale: $11

Editor’s Pick:  Personally my favorite styling stick.  I’ve used a variety of wax sticks back in my day and they all weighed down my hair and left it flat and sticky.  The Alterna Bamboo Wax Stick keeps my hair light, in control and left exactly where I want it.  Works best on dry hair and, truth be told, not much is needed at all so this can last you for a while.

6.  Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray – Buy It Here For $27


Buy Now On Sale: $27

Here’s the Deal:  You always seem to look better in the summer overall.  Maybe it’s the tan…or maybe it’s the way the salt water makes your hair look on trend even when you’re not trying.  Spray a little of this Surf Spray into your damp hair, style with your fingers and be done with your day. Hold onto the summer no matter what time of year it is.

7.  Stainless Steel Chicago Comb – Buy It Here For $39


Buy Now On Sale: $39

Why You Need It:  Uh, because it’s a stainless steel comb!  We’re pretty sure this is what Superman used back in the day.  Strong enough to tame your mane and small enough to slip into your pocket when you’re on the go.


8.  Malin+Goetz Intensive Hair Conditioner Mask – Buy It Here For $26


Buy Now On Sale: $26

Why Go There:  Because, let’s face it, every now and then your hair is just dead.  It needs to be brought back to life and Malin+Goetz can help. Use in the shower after shampooing and leave in for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it out.  You don’t need to use it every day, but once a week for 10 minutes will do your hair wonders.

Best Mens Hair Products in 2016

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