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Beverly Hills, What a Thrill: 16 Best Quotes from Troop Beverly Hills

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Best Quotes from Troop Beverly Hills - Gifs & Funny Scenes

In the 80’s and early 90’s Shelly Long could do no wrong (minus that whole ‘leaving Cheers’ situation).  Growing up my sister may or may not have watched Troop Beverly Hills upwards of 10,000 times.  Therefore, I watched it 10,001 times (once I just watched it myself).  From a young Tori Spelling cameo to Shelly Long stunts-for-days, we’re proud to present to you the best quotes and scenes from Troop Beverly Hills, as told by gifs (because, gifs).

1. When there’s a legit reason to be late to court:

2.  When kumbaya never ended.  Ever.

3.  When. Ghost. Stories. Got. Real. ????

4.  When you really thought everyone would change into this in your troop:

5.  When ‘Beverly Hills, what a thrill!”  never left your head.  Ever.

6.  When Tori Spelling stopped by…and that one girl in the background looked directly into the camera like she was Cindy Brady when the red light went on.  You remember the time.

7.  When it will never not be cookie time, cookie time!

8.  When Shelly Long committed to all her stunts (almost)

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9.  When she totally read that other troop:

10.  When this scene was so 80’s that even in the 80’s we still thought it was so 80’s:

11.  When Rosario worked for another rich white woman:

12.  When now, looking back, we all feel really old:

13.  When Smokey the Bear got so many shout-outs:

14.  Her:

15.  Because a box of them really would be so niiiice.  Even at twice the price (price!)

16.  When they couldn’t stop doing ‘the Freddie’ throughout the whole movie:


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