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Lolz For Days: The Funniest Gag Gifts to Give This Season

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Funny Gag Gifts 2024 - Novelty Joke Gift Ideas Christmas 2024

Welp, move over classic rubber chicken!  We’ve got a whole new slew of funny novelty and gag gifts that everyone (deep down) truly wants.  Whether you gotta gift for their birthday, retirement, or the upcoming dreaded Christmas season we’ve got you covered for all your gag-related gift ideas in 2024.  Oh, and we’re still totally cool with the classic rubber chicken.  It’s always funny.

1.  Funny Prescription Bottle Shot Glasses – Shop It Here


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…because who doesn’t think mixing pills with booze jokes isn’t funny?!  These come as a must-use set of 6.  Bottoms up!

2.  Exercise Block Toy – Shop It Here
Exercise Block Toy

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It’s funny because it all makes sense.  If we could, we’d add a “#4” which would be “Chug Beer.”

3.  Mini Bob Ross Paint By Numbers – Shop It Here

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Who doesn’t love Bob Ross?  If you know, you know!  Now you can paint by number his famous landscape and even one of his face.  What a time to be alive!

4.  Motion Activated LED Toilet Light – Shop It Here

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Never pee in the dark again!  This motion activated light will light up the throne in the color of your choice when you walk into the bathroom. A funny option when you’re struggling what to gift him this year. It’s like you’re peeing in a magical dreamland.  Maybe you are?

5.  Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass From BigMouth – Shop It Here

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Finally it’s the wine glass that really gets us.  It’s the perfect pick for your best friend who loves to drink or, you know, just buy it for yourself because you’re worth it.

6.  Cards Against Humanity Party Game – Shop It Here

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If you haven’t played you will, literally, cry laughing each and every time.  And if you have played there are a ton of new expansion packs, one worse/best than the next.

7.  Gag-Worthy Gift:  The Giant Toilet Coffee Mug –  Shop It Here

Gag Gift Ideas: Giant Toilet Mug

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That’s right, drinking out of the toilet isn’t just for dogs anymore!  The perfect funny gag gift for your sh*ttiest friend.  See what we did there?

8.  The Crazy Cat Lady Novelty Action Figure – Shop It Here

Joke Gifts: The Cat Lady Toy Set

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Whether your friend is The Crazy Cat Lady or you are, we don’t judge.  You still need to buy this right meow.  Ok, we’ll stop.

9. Dinosaur Taco Holder – Shop It Here

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Never hold your taco in your hand again, like an animal.  Leave it up to the actual animal.  Choose from three different fun dinosaurs.

10.  Donald Trump Presidential Toilet Paper – Shop It Here

Novelty Gift Idea: Donald Trump Toilet Paper

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You’ll never forget where you were when you realized all of this actually happened.  So why not clean up the messiest of situations with a little Trump face equipped with some funny (ish) quotes.  Make your bathroom great again (and maybe for the last year…ever!).

11.  The Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set – Shop It Here

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

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Not so much a ‘gag gift’ as it is the gift that everyone really actually wants!  A perfect option for kids too!  Maybe they’ll finally start eating something?

12.  Tiny Hands – Shop It Here

Funny Gag Gift: Tiny Hands

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Who doesn’t want to be like Kristen Wiig from that SNL sketch?!  These tiny hands are perfect for a Halloween costume or if you just simply want to pretend you have tiny hands because…fun! There really isn’t a real reason you’ll need to give or receive these.

13. That’s What She Said Game – Shop It Here

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It’s a fun party-twist on the Cards Against Humanity when you’re ready to kick it up a notch.  And who doesn’t want to do “that’s what she said” jokes all night long.

14.  Talking Toilet Paper Holder – Shop It Here

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Record unique (and funny) messages on the toilet paper hold to really mess with your family and friends.  Most importantly, you can mess with all the teenagers in your home because they deserve to be messed with.  Payback time!

15.  The Official ‘Countdown to Retirement’ Clock – Shop It Here

Countdown To Retirement Clock

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Because they may only have around 2-months left before retirement, but the jokes on you because you still have 25+ years.

16.  The Metal Man Wine Bottle Holder – Shop It Here

Novelty Gift: Man Wine Bottle Holder

Buy Here

Everyone will squeal with delight when they unwrap this little gag gift.  Every. Pun. Intended.  A perfect gift for all the wine lovers on your list with a real sense of humor.

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