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15 Times We Related to The Grinch…and Loved Him

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…because when most kids were scared of The Grinch, we totally “got him” and loved every minute of him.

1.  When He Morphed Into Della Reese

2.  When He Kept His Eye on the Prize

3.  Every Time He Did This (and we did it along with him)

4.  When He Freaked Out on Max Like They Were a Married Couple (because they were)

5.  When He Realized The Holiday Pounds Were Sneaking Up on Him

6.  When Someone Else’s Happiness Pissed Him Off

7.  When He Got All DIY

8.  When He Mastered “Popping & Locking”

9.  When He Got All “Mommy Dearest” on Max

10.  When He “Side-Eyed” Us That Can of Who Hash and We Were All Like “Do It!”

11.  When He Soldiered On

12.  When He Had a “F’n ‘Nuff”

13.  When His Heart Grew 3 Sizes That Day

14.  When He Finally Got It

15.  When He Had Somewhere to Go on Christmas Day (and that ‘roast beast’ looked delicious)

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