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The Frames Game: The Best Mens Eyeglasses Under $150

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Best Eyeglasses for Men 2024 - Glasses & Men's Frames Online 2024

Welp, if you need to get glasses you’ll want to feel like Don Draper whilst doing so and, yes, that’s still a thing.  Sometimes you sport a pair of glasses just for the look and sometimes it’s for functionality. Why not find a pair that fits both?  And, well, if you can find a place that’s pretty cheap (in a good way) and provides prescription glasses right online?  All the better!

Plus, eyeglasses are pretty much like sneakers…you can have a few pairs. From thick rimmed to trendy wire, shop our top picks for the best eyeglasses & frames for men in 2024.  Oh, and did we mention that all of these are under $150 and most are actually just $95.  If you don’t snag a few pairs are you even living?


Fletcher ‘Black Matte Eclipse’ Frames – Shop It Here

New Eyeglasses for Men This Spring Into Summer 2017 - 2018

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Season after season, these end up being our favorites time and time again.  They’re always on-trend, look great on so many different face shapes and, um, they just make you look way smarter.  We could use the help.


New for 2024:  Landon Whiskey Tortoise – Shop It Here

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These truly go with just about anything and everything.  From work to happy hour, bumming around the house and everything in between.


Beasley Stone Fade in Grey – Shop It Here

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One of the most popular picks of the season, this stone fade in grey has polished silver and fits just about any face shape.


Chamberlain Clear Crystal Eyeglasses – Shop It Here


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Our favorite clear pick of the season.  We actually have these as our second pair, you know, when we’re ready to kick things up a notch.


Men’s Percy Striped Glasses – Shop It Here

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Perfect for those that could use a little extra support on the nose and want something that gives them that extra nerdy look, but in a good way.


Winston Antique Shade Fade Glasses – Shop It Here


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Two-tone is where it’s at this year.  In a sea of all black frames, this is a refreshing change of pace.  We love that it’s got that total 60’s vibe, but with a new modern twist.


Gilbert Whiskey Tortoise Shell Glasses – Shop It Here


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A great option for those with a more narrow face that could use a little bulk.

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Roosevelt Black Framed Eyeglasses – Shop It Here


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Another classic that stands the test of time (and one of the more popular picks).  You can’t go wrong with this total jet black option.  A total standout.


Barnett Brown Toffee Fade Eyeglasses – Shop It Here


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The best choice when you want to stand out from the crowd and be seen.


Striped Pacific Sloped Keyhole Bridge Eyeglasses – Shop It Here


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A total chance of pace when it comes to color and you can’t beat the price either!


Wilkie Bluebird Fade Frames – Shop It Here

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Two-toned with a light shade of blue?  Sign us up!

More About the Warby Parker Flagship Store & Company

If you’ve visited basically any Warby Parker eyeglass/sunglass shop know what I’m talking about.  Even if you haven’t actually visited them you can still become part of their experience by test-driving up to five pairs of frames and sending back what you don’t like.  The only thing that Len’s Crafters ever gave me…was a hard time.  Hey-oh!

The other bonus of Warby Parker is their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program that sends glasses to those in need (they’ve already donated over 1M eyeglasses).  Sure it’s just like the whole TOMS deal, but I like it because I feel like I’m helping.  Plus, we’re talking relatively inexpensive options.  Mine were just $95.  So if I break ’em or lose ’em (both perhaps whilst at a bar) I don’t feel like I’ll need to take out a second mortgage to replace them…like I’ll have to do with my iPhone.

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