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So Fetch: The 29 Best ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes & Gifs To Make Anyone a Cool Mom

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Sure you’ve watched Mean Girls tens of thousands of times.  Sure you can quote it with your eyes closed and your hands over your ears.  Sure you own a couple of t-shirts with “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” and an iPhone case that says “Fetch.”  But have you shared these quotes with all your friends on Facebook?  It’s the one thing left you have to do to show your love and appreciation of all things ‘Mean Girls.’  Here’s the definitive list (um, in no particular order) of some of the best scenes and quotes from Mean Girls.  Comment on our Facebook page with the one of your favorite quotes we surely missed.

1. What’s the Cool Jams?

2.  When Everything was ‘So Fetch!’

3.  Stop Trying to Make ‘Fetch’ Happen.  It’s Not Going to Happen!

4.  It’s October 3rd (AKA the day when everyone in your Facebook feed posts this quote)

5.  I Gave Him Everything.  I Was Half a Virgin When I Met Him!

6.  I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom 😉

7.  When the Thoughts Got So Deep…

8.  You Can’t Sit With Us!  (And you’ve said that to your co-workers 3 times this week already)

9.  On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.

10.  Oh, And We Only Wear Jeans or Track Pants on Fridays.



11.  Whatever…I’m Getting Cheese Fries.

12.  The Sex-Ed Talk We’ve All Kinda Sorta Had.

13.  I’m Gonna Make You Girls a ‘Hump-Day’ Treat!

14.  I’m Sorry I Laughed at You That Time You Got Diarrhea.

15.  So…You Guys…What Is the 411?

16.  Still Half-True.

17.  Get in, Loser!  We’re Going Shopping.

18.  When You Never Hear the Name ‘Danny DeVito’ the Same Way Again.

19.  …and When You Never Hear ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ the Same Way Again.

20.  You Smell Like a Baby Prostitute.

21.  My Nana Takes Her Wig Off When She’s Drunk.

22.  Cady, Will You Please Tell Him His Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back?

23.  They’ve Gone Wild!  The Girls Have Gone Wild!

24.  I Wish I Could Bake a Cake Made Out of Rainbows and Smiles.

25.  Alyssa.  I’m Sorry I Called You a Gap-Toothed B*tch.

26.  #DietGoals

27.  Suck on That!!

28.  True.

29.  Never. Stop. Being. A. Cool. Mom.