Roll It Up: Top Short Sleeve Button Down Shirts for Spring

...because the goal is to not look like Detective Sipowicz this spring. Roll up those short sleeves, get some sun on the guns, and have at it. Flip through our favorite short sleeve shirts this season.

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…because the goal is tonot look like Detective Sipowicz this spring. Roll up those short sleeves, get some sun on the guns, and have at it. Flip through our favorite short sleeve shirts this season. [Swipe Left] [masterslider id=”154″]


A later sunset, a nice breeze, happy hour outside. Spring is in the air (almost) to it’s time to get your sleeve situation in check. For the 2nd year in a row the button down short sleeve shirt is making the rounds. This season we’re seeing bold prints from polka dots, to anchors to another year of floral dares. Here’s the deal with how to wear these shirts: The button down needs to fit. We’re not talking skin tight, but a well tailored/slim fit will do. You don’t want the sleeves to be strangling your arms, but a simple rollup will help accentuate the guns without looking like a tool. If you’re not ready to roll the sleeves just make sure they’re not left hanging down by the crook of your elbow.

Flip through the above slideshow of our favorites of spring 2015 season and look for these two award winners:

Best Traditional Short Sleeve Button Down of the Season:

Best “Daring” Floral Pattern Short Sleeve Shirt:

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