15 Book Gifts Every Book Lover Needs This Christmas Season

Best Book Gifts For Book Lovers 2016

…because even the pickiest of book lovers will be grateful for any of these top New York Times best sellers in 2018. From an old classic, to an edge of your seat thriller and the ultimate love story, shop our picks for the best book gifts to give this Christmas season. 1. The Best Book […]

Gift Me: 8 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men in 2023

Best Subscription Boxes to Gift Men in 2023

There are so many monthly subscription boxes floating around out there for women and, lately, the same is happening for us guys!  We have to be honest, we’re obsessed with them.  We’re still like little kids who love getting something delivered to us each and every month (outside of bills, of course).  Whether you’re shopping for […]

16 of the Coolest Groomsmen Gifts in 2023

Best Groomsmen Gifts 2016 into 2017

Because these guys have been with you since day one so, let’s face it, it’s time to reward them for sticking by you (and keeping their mouths shut about what happened at the bachelor party).  We’ve rounded up some of the best groomsmen gift ideas for 2023.  From classic to unique, we got your guys […]

Perfect Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners Will Actually Want

14 Best Housewarming Gifts 2016 - New Home Gift Ideas 2017

…because how many bottles of wine can you really give at the next housewarming party?  10?  20? Owning a new home (or apartment if you live in NYC) can be a super exciting time…for the homeowner.  Not so much for you! There’s so much pressure on what you should bring to that dreaded housewarming party so […]

What to Gift the Hostess Who Has Everything/Nothing

10 Best Hostess Gifts 2016 - 2017: Unique & Cool Host Gift Ideas

…because you certainly don’t want to show up to the party empty-handed!  Plus, everyone else is going to be gifting the host and hostess with a bottle of wine or flowers.  Yawn.  So change things up and stand out from the rest of the party-goers with some super thoughtful and, dare we say, fun gifting […]

Nerd Alert: 18 Best Geek Gifts For the Geeky Nerd in All Of Us

Funny Gifts for Geeks & Nerds 2017

Perhaps the most fun gifts to give is the “geek gift.”  We may try to pretend that we’re too cool to even think about what to buy that special nerd in our life but, truth be told, it’s a total layup…mainly because we actually want all of this stuff ourselves! From your classic Star Trek and […]

32 Unusual Gifts That Aim to Please!

Expensive Unusual Christmas Gifts 2023 - 2023

We love choosing a gift that’s a little off the beaten path.  In fact, the competitiveness inside us actually sees it as a personal challenge.  Whether you’r looking for fun, funny, or I never thought of that – we’ve got some cool ideas below. When you’re at the end of your rope trying to find […]

14 Must-Have Wedding Gifts in 2023 for the Bride(s) and Groom(s)

10 Best Wedding Gifts 2016 - Unique Wedding Gift Ideas 2017

…because it’s officially wedding season.  I mean, is it ever not wedding season?!  Sure you can give cash and, truth be told, most of us do, but in a sea of impersonal wedding checks the happy couple will be elated to actually open something up after the wedding.  Plus, when you buy online you can just […]

Lolz For Days: The Funniest Gag Gifts to Give This Season

Funny Gag Gifts 2023 - Novelty Joke Gift Ideas Christmas 2023

Welp, move over classic rubber chicken!  We’ve got a whole new slew of funny novelty and gag gifts that everyone (deep down) truly wants.  Whether you gotta gift for their birthday, retirement, or the upcoming dreaded Christmas season we’ve got you covered for all your gag-related gift ideas in 2023.  Oh, and we’re still totally […]

22 Best Anniversary Gifts for Him & Her They’ll Love

Best Anniversary Gifts 2016 - Husband Wife Ideas for Anniversary

…because we’re always running out of ideas on what to gift the one you love when it’s anniversary time.  We’ve rounded up some of the best anniversary gift ideas for him, for her, and for couples that they’ll love, appreciate and be impressed by.  From fashion, beauty, technology and home decor we’ve got your special […]

10 Best Baby Shower Gifts For The Coolest Mom-To-Be

Baby showers are way better than bridal showers.  While bridal showers are still a blast, baby showers are just so cute.  Everything is so small.  And so big.  Seriously, how does the tiniest human have so much stuff, and take up so much space?  If you’re stuck for gifts ideas because everything is taken (we’re […]


Everything is a trend these days, but these products are blowing up the internet so we put them to the test to see if these really were a thing.

15 Most Annoying Things We’ll All Hear On Thanksgiving Day

…because it could be a long day. 1.  Why Doesn’t Everyone Go Around the Table and Say Something You’re Grateful For? 2.  Can You Believe Those People Who Are Gonna Wait in Line for Black Friday? 3.  It’s Like We Go Right from Halloween Directly to Christmas. 4.  One More Piece of Turkey and that […]

The 10 Best Boots for Winter 2023. Snow Kidding.

…because Mother Nature can be a filthy little minx. Gear up for endless months of snow, sleet, ice, slush, freezing rain and everything in between.  Just because winter is ugly doesn’t mean your boots have to be. Whether you’re a fan of Sorel, Timberland or classic LL Bean we’ve got something for everyone.  Shop our […]

The Genius Reason You’re Seeing Teal Pumpkins This Year

You may start to notice that Halloween is getting a big more colorful this year thanks to the Teal Pumpkin Project. Teal is actually the official color of food allergy awareness and since it seems like everyone has some kind of a food allergy, especially kids, Halloween can be a scary time of year…and not […]

Hey Dummy, I’ve Been Eating Eggs Entirely Wrong This Whole Time!

If you’re like me and have been waiting a lifetime to eat eggs like a popsicle, well, wait no longer! Introducing the “Rollie Eggmaster.”  Now, thanks to the magic of science, you can vertically cook your eggs and eat ’em like a kabob…just like it speaks of in the Bible! Apparently cooking eggs in a pan, […]

11 Santa Approved Christmas Cookie Recipes

…because if you’re every going to make large quantities of cookies and then eat said cookies, Christmas is clearly the time. Similar to anything I try to make, it never looks quite like the original recipe.  However, even if they can’t look exactly the same at least they taste just as good.  Flip through our […]

7 Trendy Men’s Sunglasses That Work For Any Type of Guy

Best Sunglasses for Men 2023

While you’re protecting your eyes from that pesky sun, you might as well look good at the same time. From Aviators and Wayfarer to Ray Ban and Oakley we’ve got you covered. Sunglasses are like shoes, you don’t just own one pair.  Some sunglasses are perfect to sport with your work attire (yawn), others are […]

15 Times We Related to The Grinch…and Loved Him

…because when most kids were scared of The Grinch, we totally “got him” and loved every minute of him. 1.  When He Morphed Into Della Reese 2.  When He Kept His Eye on the Prize 3.  Every Time He Did This (and we did it along with him) 4.  When He Freaked Out on Max […]

With the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer Reviews I Found a Community That Gets Me

  An oldie but a goodie!  When the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer entered the market and started selling on Amazon.com no one would know how quickly this product would take over the Internet…due to the hysterical reviews and questions people were asking in the comments section.  To some it’s just a new and “innovative” way […]

Clean Your Mug: The 8 Best Face Washes & Scrubs We Swear By!

…because you don’t need to use your girlfriend’s flowery face wash anymore. From too much sun exposure and sloppy shaving sometimes our face could use a little refresher.  Whether you have oily skin or dry skin you need a little something extra that will help with your current skin situation and still get you ready […]

Get Snow Buzzed: Best Winter Cocktails of the Season

…because Mother Nature is a fickle little minx so kick back and (responsibly) enjoy a little warmth with our favorite winter drinks & cocktails this year. Rum, rye, vodka, jalapeño and ginger.  These are a few of my favorite things, especially when the winter bites.  When you’re snowed in or snowed out, the one friend […]

The Elephant That Brought Me Back to Sweatshirts

…because if I can help animals at the same time, fine, I’ll do it. I have to admit, I haven’t bought a sweatshirt in years.  Sure the occasional hoodie but a sweatshirt sans hood made me feel like I was someone on the cast of Roseanne.  I’ve been seeing the sweatpants trend for a couple […]

Full House is Coming Back and I Hope the Jess-Man is Too!

Update: 4.21.2015:  Now I don’t want to say “we told you so” buuuuut we did report on this back in August of 2014.  Regardless, we are happy to report that IT’S OFFICIAL….Netflix has picked up a 13 episode sequel to Full House titled Fuller House and is schedule to air at some point in 2016.  It better be […]

10 Best Desert Boots and Chukkas for Spring 2023

Best Desert Boots in 2016 for Men - Leather & Suede Boots

…because with the pending changing of the season it’s time to upgrade your old beaten up desert boots. Whether you’re looking for classic tans or still want to go bold with gray or a pop of blue we’ve got you covered.  This season we’re seeing two-tone chukka boots, leather-suede combos, and everything in between.  Shop our top picks for […]

The Apple and Ginger Beer Cocktail Perfect for Autumn Days

I’m 2 years in and still not over my ginger beer obsession.  Clearly, my all-time favorite is the Moscow Mule, but with Fall approaching I was looking to welcome the season with something new that had an Autumn-like kick to it.  Since I’ve boycotted apple-picking ever since Fall of ’89, I had to get my […]

12 Must-Have Men’s Scarves This Winter

2016 Scarves for Men 2017 - Best Cashmere, Wool, Plaid Men's Scarf on Sale

…because it’s that time of year (again) so let us help you pick a scarf or two to switch up your fall-into-winter look. It’s officially time to up your scarf game.  This season wide checks and thick colorful solids are the must-have trend.  We officially give you our blessing on owning more than one scarf even […]

9 Cool Halloween Cocktails & Drinks That Spooked My Liver

…because if you’re going to have a co-ed Halloween party you’re going to need a little something for everyone.  Boo!  Swipe through our favorite spooky cocktails for 2017. Check out our favorite Halloween cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks of the season.  We couldn’t love the candy corn layered milkshake any more than we do! 1.  Best […]

I’m Buying This J Crew Jacket…Even If I Only Wear It Once

It was a high of 70 degrees today in New York City so, of course, that means it’s time to break out the plaid button-downs and start thinking about late-Fall jackets that really push the season to the limits.  Sure I know it’s still technically Summer, but J Crew and I are on the same […]

11 Funny Chalkboard Signs That Convinced Me to Drink

…because you don’t really need a reason, but just in case. [masterslider id=85] In New York City there’s  an abundance of bars and, well, if I need help deciding which venue I should enter to enjoy a few adult beverages (see: beer or Ensure with a vodka chaser) I’m going to need some prodding via the always classic […]

13 Best Quotes From Arrested Development

I want to live in a world that solely consists of Arrested Development gifs and quotes. And a brand new season of AD being confirmed on Netflix means we can continue loving these quotes for a lifetime.  These are my favorites. 1.  When Buster Has Had ENOUGH! 2.  When Buster is Desperate!  3.  When You Don’t Need Double […]

Why This is My Favorite Halloween Costume of the Year

I love when people step up for their kids.  A Fort Collins, Colorado father turned his son’s wheelchair into an army tank so that he could go out trick-or-treating with this friends.  6 year old, Jake, lives with cerebral palsy and epilepsy and, unfortunately, is currently unable to talk or eat and spends most of his […]

From Plaid to Check These are the 7 Best Flannels For Men This Season

Flannel Shirt for Men 2023 - Best Cheap Mens Flannels Into 2023

It’s officially time to upgrade your old ratty flannels and these are really the only 7 you’ll need this season. Because you need to stay warm for the walk from work to the bar (and look good all at the same time).  It’s that time of year again when you need to stay warm due to […]

The Frames Game: The Best Mens Eyeglasses Under $150

Best Eyeglasses for Men 2023 - Glasses & Men's Frames Online 2023

Welp, if you need to get glasses you’ll want to feel like Don Draper whilst doing so and, yes, that’s still a thing.  Sometimes you sport a pair of glasses just for the look and sometimes it’s for functionality. Why not find a pair that fits both?  And, well, if you can find a place […]

These Exact Christmas Cocktails Will Get You Through the Holidays

…because if Santa Claus is coming right down Santa Claus Lane, I’m going to need a minute.  I’m also going to need to be heavily intoxicated for the majority of December.  Who’s with me? Christmas is the time of year when you surround yourself with the people that you love and, well, in order to […]

I Think The Pilgrims Drank All of These Cocktails on the Mayflower

…because you can totally blame your mid-day Thanksgiving nap on the turkey + football game, but we’ll know it’s from one of these 10 cocktails. [masterslider id=”57″] Thanksgiving always seems to get the shaft when it comes time to cool drinks to try out.  Sure there’s pumpkin beer, but there’s gotta be some other things […]

My Crazy Dad’s Favorite Banana Bread Recipe

Crazy Jack’s Homemade Banana Nut-Bread Who doesn’t like a nice, warm, comforting banana bread?  Or hug for that matter?  My dad has been making this recipe for what seems like my entire life.  This one contains walnuts, but if you have someone in your house with a nut allergy, you can easily substitute in coconut […]

If Barbara Evans Quotes Were Motivational Posters…My Life Would Be Complete

…because at the end of the day Barb really is just one motivational poster after another. Flip through the below slideshow of our 21 favorites. [ Swipe Left ] If you like this, be sure to follow Brostrick on Facebook here! [masterslider id=”68″] If there’s one thing that really brings a smile to my face, it’s loud-mouth […]

My List: The 47 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time

Compiling over 30 years of scientific research, I am proud to present the best television theme songs of all time! Didn’t see you favorite on the list? Comment it out at the very bottom and let’s talk. 47.  Empty Nest 46. The Brady Bunch 45. The Facts of Life 44. I Love Lucy 43. Mr. […]