8 Reasons Why He-Man is the Best Cartoon Ever Made

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Because He-Man is the Man.

1. He is the most powerful man in the Universe.

Oh, you’re King of the planet?  That’s Nice.  I’m the most powerful man in the Universe!


2. His Twin Sister was hot

Plus she rode around on a unicorn.


3. He had the best pet

I mean he named him Cringer – what did he expect?


4. He wasn’t afraid to cry

It takes a real man to show that kind of emotion.


5. He was good friends with someone who could turn into a Falcon

She is also incredibly wise and always gave the best advice. He knows how to find good friends.


6. Because he has fabulous secret powers whenever he holds aloft his magical sword.

I mean really that got by the censors in the 80s?


7. He had the best nemesis ever

Oh Skeletor when will you learn? He is the most powerful man in the universe.


8. He had a Great sense of humor

I mean, If you can’t laugh about life, it’s just not worth being the master of the universe.

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