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We’re Pairing Beer With Pizza Because It’s the Tale as Old as Time

Different beers for different pizzas.

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Pizza and Beer Pairings 2024

Outside of bourbon, the editors of Brostrick love all things beer related. So it only made sense to debut our newest franchise “Dudes & Brews” where we cover some of our favorite beers, beer pairings and everything in between.  Got a beer recommendation or question for our editors?  Ask us at

Beer and pizza are a match made in culinary heaven, bringing together the bubbly, refreshing notes of your favorite brews with the melty, mouthwatering goodness of pizza.  It’s can be a last minute dinner choice, a must-have lunch break pick or the ultimate hangover cure especially when it’s cold.

Whether you’re a fan of classic Margherita, spicy pepperoni, or exotic Hawaiian (don’t @ us), there’s a beer out there that’s just waiting to elevate your pizza experience. So grab a slice, crack open a cold one, and let’s dive into the ultimate guide to pairing beer with pizza!  We’ll be adding more slices, more flavors, and more beers at time goes on so check back often.

Beers That Go With Your Pizza

Classic Margherita Pizza + A Pilsner

A Margherita pizza is simple yet flavorful, featuring fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil. The clean, crisp, and slightly bitter profile of a Pilsner complements the fresh and light ingredients without overwhelming them. The subtle hop bitterness cuts through the creamy mozzarella and meshes to well with the acidity of the tomatoes overall.

Specific Beer Recommendations: 

  • Pilsner: Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic) – The original Pilsner, with a balanced bitterness and a crisp, refreshing finish.

  • Pale Ale: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (USA) – This beer offers a piney and citrusy hop character that adds a refreshing counterpoint to the pizza’s flavors.

Pepperoni Pizza + An IPA

Typically, pepperoni pizza is bold and spicy, with the rich, fatty flavors of pepperoni dominating your palate. An IPA, with its strong hop bitterness and often citrusy or piney notes, provides a refreshing contrast that cuts through the greasiness and complements the spice. The carbonation also helps to cleanse your palate, prepping you for the next bite, and the next one, and the next one, and the next.

Specific Beer Recommendations: 

  • IPA: Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (USA) – Offers a balanced hop profile with a slight malty sweetness, which pairs well with the spiciness of pepperoni.

  • IPA: Lagunitas IPA (USA) – Known for its well-rounded bitterness and floral aroma, this IPA enhances the overall flavor experience.

Veggie Pizza + Saison or Wheat Beer

A Meat Lover’s pizza, loaded with sausage, bacon, ham, and sometimes beef, calls for a beer that can match its intensity. Porters and stouts, with their rich, malty flavors and notes of chocolate, coffee, and caramel, complement the smoky, savory meats. The dark, roasted malts add depth and enhance the umami flavors of the pizza.

Specific Beer Recommendations: 

  • Saison: Saison Dupont (Belgium) – Known for its peppery and citrusy notes, it pairs beautifully with the diverse flavors of a veggie pizza.

  • Wheat Beer: Allagash White (USA) – With its hints of coriander and orange peel, this beer complements the light and fresh vegetable toppings.

Meat Lover's Pizza + Porter or Stout

Veggie pizzas, topped with a variety of vegetables like bell peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms, are fresh and earthy. A Saison, with its fruity and spicy yeast character, enhances the freshness and complexity of the veggies. Wheat beers, with their light, citrusy, and sometimes herbal notes, provide a refreshing contrast that highlights the garden-fresh ingredients.

Specific Beer Recommendations: 

  • Porter: Founders Porter (USA) – Offers a robust malt character with hints of chocolate and caramel, perfect for balancing the savory meats.

  • Stout: Guinness Draught (Ireland) – Its creamy texture and roasted malt flavors provide a smooth and complementary backdrop to the meat toppings.

Mushroom Pizza + Amber Ale

Mushroom pizza, often featuring earthy and umami-rich mushrooms, benefits from a beer that can highlight these flavors. Amber Ales, with their toasty, caramel flavors, provide a perfect complement to the mushrooms. The maltiness of an Amber Ale enhances the earthy notes while adding a slight sweetness that balances the overall flavor profile.

Specific Beer Recommendations: 

  • Amber Ale: Bell’s Amber Ale (USA) – Known for its balanced malt character and toasty flavors, it pairs well with the earthy mushrooms.

  • Amber Ale: Fat Tire Amber Ale (USA) – Offers a smooth, biscuity malt profile with a hint of sweetness, enhancing the umami flavors of the pizza.

Hawaiian Pizza + Belgian Tripel

Hawaiian pizza, with its combination of sweet pineapple and savory ham, is a classic example of sweet and savory pairing. A Belgian Tripel, with its fruity esters, slight sweetness, and spicy notes, complements the pineapple and balances the saltiness of the ham. The higher carbonation and complex flavor profile of a Tripel cleanse the palate and enhance the pizza’s flavors.

Specific Beer Recommendations: 

  • Belgian Tripel: Westmalle Tripel (Belgium) – Offers a rich, fruity, and slightly spicy character that pairs well with the sweet and savory elements.

  • Belgian Tripel: Tripel Karmeliet (Belgium) – Known for its complex flavor profile with notes of citrus and spice, it complements the diverse flavors of Hawaiian pizza.

BBQ Chicken Pizza+ Brown Ale

BBQ Chicken pizza features sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, savory chicken, and often onions and cilantro. A Brown Ale, with its caramel and nutty flavors, complements the sweetness of the BBQ sauce and the savoriness of the chicken. The malt-forward profile of the Brown Ale harmonizes with the smoky and sweet elements of the pizza.

Specific Beer Recommendations: 

  • Brown Ale: Newcastle Brown Ale (UK) – Offers a smooth, slightly sweet malt profile that pairs well with the BBQ sauce.

  • Brown Ale: Brooklyn Brown Ale (USA) – This beer’s roasted malt character and hints of chocolate and caramel enhance the overall flavor of the pizza.

White Pizza + Blonde Ale

White pizza, typically topped with garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, and sometimes spinach or other vegetables, is rich and creamy. A Belgian Witbier, with its citrus and spice notes, cuts through the richness and adds a refreshing contrast. A Blonde Ale, with its smooth, malt-forward profile, provides a subtle sweetness that complements the garlic and cheese.

Specific Beer Recommendations: 

  • Belgian Witbier: Hoegaarden (Belgium) – Offers a light, citrusy profile with hints of coriander, enhancing the flavors of the white pizza.

  • Blonde Ale: Leffe Blonde (Belgium) – Its smooth, slightly sweet malt character pairs well with the creamy and garlicky elements of the pizza.

Let's Call It a Day

Whether you’re diving into a meaty masterpiece, savoring a veggie delight, or indulging in a cheesy classic, these beer pairings are sure to take your pizza nights to the next level. So, gather your friends, mix and match, and discover new favorites. Remember, the best part of this tasty journey is enjoying the ride. Cheers to great beer, amazing pizza, and even better memories. Happy pairing!