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The 5 Types of Beards Most Women Kinda Love

And 2 they definitely *don't*

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Best Beards Women Find Attractive 2024

Facial hair is the icing on the cake of a man’s face. Never has there been an easier way to go from sweet to sexy. Don’t believe me? Google Paul Rudd with a beard – case closed.

But just like pizza toppings, not all beards are created equal. Some, like pepperoni, are slices of delight, while others, like pineapple are entirely unappealing. Beards are more than a bunch of hair growing out of your face. They make a statement. Are you rugged and wild? Or smooth and sophisticated?

Your beard will tell everyone who you are (or who you are trying to be) before you open your mouth. So let’s take a joyride through the fantastical world of facial hair, exploring five beards the ladies love and two that may leave you repelling them like oil from water.




5:00 Shadow Stubble Beard

Ooh la la, the seductive allure of stubble – you can just hear it whispering, “I woke up like this.” The stubble is perfect when you want a touch of that oh-so-masculine facial fuzz without committing to actual hair growth. It’s giving work-hard-play-harder. Refined with a dash of ruggedness, this slightly undone look says, “I read GQ, and my house is immaculate.” It’s the epitome of elegance and sophistication that leaves many admirers wanting more. In other words, you’re sexy, and you know it. Sure, it might scratch a woman’s face after a passionate embrace, but she may just like that – a little reminder of one’s primal instincts.



Lumberjack Lumbersexual Beard

Imagine this: deep in the wilds of Brooklyn’s urban jungle, a plaid-shirted man emerges from a dimly-lit dive bar. At a few inches in length, his beard, bearing witness to his rugged ways, boasts of an untamed spirit journeying through the rough terrain of artisanal jam-making. The lumberjack beard exudes masculinity in a way that says, “I can chop wood and work at an office.” In its carefully oiled growth lies the promise of both strength and sophistication.



Trimmed Beard

“I’m a man!” he shouts. Alright beard, we know. The classic trimmed look is the OG of beads. The pinnacle of manhood that commands attention and respect with every perfectly groomed hair. With its clean lines and carefully trimmed contours, this timeless beard exudes an air of confidence and authority that captivates all who behold it. It’s the beard that always gets the girl, effortlessly drawing admirers like moths to a flame with its irresistible charm and undeniable allure. Whether it’s paired with a crisp suit or a casual tee, the classic trimmed beard never fails to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.



Mountain Man Beard

A beacon of rugged independence and wild spirit, the mountain man beard boasts a thick, long expanse of facial foliage that rivals the woods of Appalachia. Weaving a story with every strand, this beard exudes an air of primal masculinity. Adventurous and rugged, this is a man who will survive the zombie apocalypse. If you’re ready to embrace your inner woodsman, the mountain man beard is for you.



Goatee Beard

A little bit refined and a little bit rebellious, the goatee dips its toe into the beard pond without ever fully committing. A neat tuft of hair adorning the chin and lips simultaneously gives refined intellectual and Hollywood heartthrob. Think Idris Elba or Brad Pitt. This versatile look exudes confidence and charisma. Whether paired with a leather jacket like Pitt or a three-piece suit like Elba, the goatee has ladies swooning. With its ability to evoke both classic elegance and contemporary coolness, the goatee stands as a testament to the power of facial hair in shaping perceptions and making a statement about one’s personality and style.



If you want to relive the ’90s or just 1950s jazz artists, the soul patch is for you. But probably not for most women. Is it retro? Also yes. Is it the facial hair equivalent of a midlife crisis? Also, yes. Unless you need the patch to play your trumpet at the next jazz band practice, this is one look you can pass on. While it may evoke nostalgic vibes for some, for many (like your grandmother), it’s a relic of forgone eras better left in the past. Let’s face it, unless you’re belting out tunes in a smoky jazz club, the soul patch might not be the best choice for making a lasting impression.


You’ve seen it before – the type of beard that looks like it was pasted on by a monkey. It’s uneven, patchy, and looks like a lawn in need of fertilizer. Most women would probably not prefer to be reminded of a five-year-old’s art project every time they look at your face. While a little facial hair can add charm and character, this patchy garden is more likely to evoke images of unkempt chaos than rugged masculinity. So unless you’re aiming for a “just rolled out of bed” vibe, it might be time to consider some grooming tips or perhaps embrace the clean-shaven look.


Bringing it all together in this facial hair fiesta, it’s clear that beards are makeup for men. They spell out to the world who you are, whether charming and refined or rugged and wild. From stubble that whispers sweet nothings to the lumberjack beard that says, “I’m going to bend you over that sofa,” there’s a beard for every guy.

But let’s not overlook our less-than-treasured candidates: the Patchy Picasso and the Soul(less) Patch. While they may have swung and missed when it comes to the game of facial hair appeal, at least they had their time in the sun. Just not in 2024.

So, if you’re looking to sport a beard that makes women go feral, stick one of the classics, and always make sure to care for your beard. The right products can take your beard from meh to marvelous. You got this.