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What are Some Mindfulness Practices That May Help With Anxiety?

You ask Josh. Josh answers.

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Mindfulness Ideas to Help With Anxiety

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Ask Josh - Mindfulness for Anxiety

Hi Josh, what are different types of mindfulness practice techniques that I can do to allow my days to go smoothly with less anxiety?


Josh's Answer

Asking this question is a great first step towards building successful mindfulness habits into your routine. It shows you are ready and willing, and probably able, to make a change.

The following are three techniques you can easily incorporate into your day to help eliminate stress and promote mental wellness.

1.  Meditation:  A meditation practice is a broad, general suggestion as there are multiple types; guided, breathing, sitting, walking to name a few common examples. If you are already able to get yourself into the meditation mindset of clearing and calming your mind for 10-15 minutes a day, then I suggest doing this daily. If you have never tried to before, or don’t seem to be able to get your head calm, there are thousands of videos on YouTube that can help guide you on a beginners journey. The goal is to quiet your mind in order to achieve a sense of calm and clarity.

2.  Segment Intending:  Segment intending is mentally preparing yourself for a task, or segment of your day, in which you are about to undertake. Taking a few moments before you walk into a job interview, meeting with a friend, a trip on a plane, or any segment within your day with mental intention helps you to stay focused and helps to achieve your desired outcome. The mental preparedness of starting a task with this clarity helps with anxiety and also promotes intent and awareness.

3.  Gratitude List. Clearly stating your gratitude for some things that are going well in your day or your life is a way to promote happiness and joy. You can do this through mental listing or physically writing down or journaling your gratitude. I suggest incorporating this practice both in the morning upon waking and in the evening before sleeping for optimal recognition.

These are just three of many examples of mindfulness practice techniques that you can use to elevate your mood, curate more peace and calm, and stabilize your days with clarity.


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