4 Easy Ways to Sneak in a Workout On Vacation (I Know)

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Staying fit while traveling is a challenge for most. The hotel gyms can sometimes be sad and depressing, the temptation to relax on the beach or drink at the pool bar may be too much, or the business-trip itinerary might be too exhausting!   Take it from me, one who travels a lot, that there are a few key things to remember what you can do, how you can do, and where you can do…to burn your calories and keep your body moving while you’re away!

The first point to remember is that you can work out…EVERYWHERE!  Last year, I spent 5 months traveling around in South East Asia. A different hotel every few days. I kept my routine in line with my environment.

1. Working Out at the Beach:

I know, I know but MOVE!  Running on sand burns 1.6 more calories than asphalt. It also helps increase balance and stabilization while generating more force than usual.

2. Working Out While in the Mountains:

CLIMB!  Vertical movement may be one of my favorites. I’m motivated by what I’m going to find at the top of the hill, or over the next ledge. Climbing will challenge and develop endurance. You will be using your trunk and back A LOT.  It will burn but breathe and motivate thinking how tight that posterior will feel later in the hotel bar!

3. Working Out While Rained Out and Stuck in Your Hotel:

Get drunk later.  For now…CREATE! This one is fun. Because you may need to think outside the box. You have the tools already in your room. A desk chair (perfect for tricep dips). The bed is great to elevate your feet and perform deep diamond push ups. Use the mattress (if the ceilings allow) for “box jumps” and the floor space in the room and ESPECIALLY the long hallways (albeit with odd looks perhaps) are great for lunges, bear and spiderman crawls, crab walks all which build core, stability and agility.

4. Working Out While Bumming Around the City:

WEIGH DOWN!  For a lot of walking around and exploring, attach ankle weights to boost the burn during your city tour.  You can potentially burn 15 percent more calories than without during normal walking pace.
So, the next time you travel, use the environment and surroundings to vary your regular routine at home. You may pick up some new habits!
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