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21 Unique Ways to Gift Your Boss & Coworkers This Season!

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Gifts For Coworker or Boss 2024 - Cheap Funny Christmas Gift Ideas For Co-Workers 2024

Because what are you really supposed to get the people you spend more time with than anyone else in the world?  Yes, we’re talking about your co-workers and more awkwardly…your boss.  Sure booze is the easiest gift you can give, but if you’re not going to send a classic wine gift, shop our picks for some of the best and most creative co-worker and boss gifts you can give this 2024 holiday season.  Office Secret Santa, we’re ready for you!

From the funniest gift ideas this season to practical presents that they’ll actually use, we’ve got you covered.  Shop our favorite co-worker and boss-approved gifts in 2024!

For the Perma-Vacation Coworker:  ‘A Day at the Beach’ Mini-Desk Set – Shop It Here

Desk Top Day At The Beach Set

Everything they need for a virtual day at the beach under the fluorescent lights.

Buy Here

For the Co-Worker Who Loves The Wine:  Wine Teeth Wipes – Shop It Here

Wine Wipes

Buy Here

Keep their mouth merlot free with these funny wine wipes for your teeth!  Even better?  These make some fun (and cheap) stocking stuffer ideas when it’s that time of year!

Garage Toolbox Desktop Organizer – Shop It Here

Gifts for Co Worker 2024: Busted Knuckles 2024

Buy Here

The perfect toolbox for the office “toolbox” with a sense of humor.  Organize all your desk junk with this funny garage toolbox!

The “Work With Me People” Desk Nameplate – Shop It Here

Gifts for Co Worker 2024: Funny Name Plate 2024

Buy Here

Perfect for the passive aggressive boss or coworker.  If they actually have their own office they’ll show this one off with pride.

The YETI Coffee Rambler – Shop It Here

Gifts for Co Worker 2024: YETI Coffee Cup 2024

Buy Here

You can never go wrong with anything from YETI! In fact, it’s one of the top sellers in our official Gift Guide For Men list this year too! It’ll keep their coffee nice and hot for so long and their cold beverages nice and chilly for hours.  This one comes in a bunch of cool color options too!

The Mini Cactus Desk Humidifier – Shop It Here

Buy Here

If your nasty office is gross and dry like ours, they’ll totally appreciate this cute cactus that doubles as a mini humidifier, which will keep your dry skin (and typing hands) nice and smooth and hydrated.

The Funny Sticky Note Gift Set – Shop It Here

Gifts for Co Worker 2024: Funny Post Its 2024

Buy Here

Let them leave a note with what they really want to say and how they’re really feeling!

Set of 12 Emoji Practice Golf Balls – Shop It Here

Gifts for Co Worker 2024: Emoji Golf Balls 2024

Buy Here

The perfect gift pick for your boss or co-worker who spends too much time on the green, you know, during office hours!  This one comes as a set of 12 and has all your favorite emoji faces, like the never-ending eye-roll.

The World’s Okayest Employee Mug – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Because why should you bother to even try anymore?

The Bob Ross Mini Painting Set – Shop It Here

Gifts for Co Worker 2024: Bob Ross Paint Set 2024

Buy Here

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross?!  Now they can paint the littlest painting, including one of Boss Ross’ head!  You can’t go wrong!

The Modern/Retro Flipdown Desk Clock – Shop It Here

2016 Coworker Gifts: Digital Flipdown Clock

Buy Here

Telling time has never been this cool and retro all at the same time.

The Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser – Shop It Here

2016 Coworker Gifts: Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser

Buy Here

Because unicorns are still the all the rage and keep your office nice and colorful.  And if you’re looking for something to gift your kid this season, you can’t go wrong here!

For the Boss on the Go: Macbook Pro/Air Sleeve – Shop It Here

2016 Coworker Gifts: Macbook Sleeve / Case 2017

Buy Here

You might as well protect that laptop and this is one of the best ways to do it.  And check this one off your list if you need a unique gift for the tech obsessed in your life.

For the Standout Boss/Employee:  Bright Yellow Hardcover Notebook/Journal – Shop It Here

2016 Coworker Gifts: Yellow Planner

Buy Here

It’s always important to at least look like you’re taking notes in that miserable meeting where everyone is on their phone anyway.  Plus, it’s yellow!

The Brussel Green Juniper Bonsai Tree – Shop It Here

2016 Coworker Gifts: Bonasai Tree 2017

Buy Here

Shout out to the ultimate boss, Mr. Miyagi!  Keep a little greenery on your desk to help boost your mood.

The Wonder Woman Ice Cube Tray – Shop It Here
Wonder Woman Logo Ice Cube Tray

Buy Here

Because adding ice to your drink with anything else than Wonder Woman is just plain old dumb.

For the “I Don’t Know” Boss:  Name Your Price Amazon Gift Card – Shop It Here

Gift Ideas Under $50 for Christmas: Amazon Gift Card

Buy Here

You know what?  Let them decide what they want.  Perfect for all those last minute gift givers who totally forgot…like us.

For The Boss-Boss – Birchbox Gift of the Month – Shop It Here

Birchbox Grooming Gift Card

Buy Here

If you don’t want to go the Amazon route, this is a fan favorite for all the beauty and grooming fanatics out there.  Plus, they can get this same day if you choose the email delivery option.  Phew!

For the Coffee Drinker:  Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set – Shop It Here

Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

Buy Here

Keep your coffee nice and warm all throughout the day, not that you need to worry about that since you’re already on your 4th cup.  This one plugs in via USB too!

The MIRA Vacuum Insulated Travel Water Bottle – Shop It Here

Mira Water Bottle

Buy Here

Because drinking more water throughout the day is always need and these look cool AF all at the same time.

The Sky Umbrella – Shop It Here

Sky Umbrella

Buy Here

Because you’re always end up running to lunch when it’s pouring out and forgot your umbrella.  Store this one by your desk and lift your spirits with the clear skies motif!

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