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The Coolest Men’s Subscription Boxes That Are Actually Worth It

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Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Men 2024

This gift guide has been editorially created, selected and chosen by multiple gifting editors at Brostrick, including men’s style and grooming editor Beau Hayhoe, gifting editor Jen Belanger, and Brostrick founder and style guy, Patrick Varone.

Convenience can often be key when curating a stylish menswear wardrobe, and beyond that, when curating your life. Yes, that’s right: Curating your life.

Assembling the right stylish picks, the right rotation of shirts, shoes, watches and even everyday carry tools. These small (and large!) details make the difference. And the best men’s subscription boxes can help you tackle each of these diverse areas with ease, with great looks and with terrific results in mind.

These monthly subscription gifts seem to be all the rage these days – they run the gamut from monthly menswear deliveries to grooming products, home goods, watches and more. Each brings something different to the table, but the best of the best ones for men are all easy to use, fun to explore and delightful to anticipate every month. These also make great gifts for your dad or any of the guys in your life, really. These are the top ones to shop now.



The best subscription boxes tend to curate a hard-to-find selection of eye-catching items, be it a fresh T-shirt and a pair of jeans or a cleverly crafted shirt. Accessories, like a dopp kit or a watch roll to store your favorite timepieces, are also welcome additions to any subscription box. Selection and the art of curation (there’s that word again) go hand in hand when shopping for one that suits your needs.


There are plenty of men’s subscription boxes on the market, but just how useful are they? Some come packed with pieces you can pack up with you on seasonal trips or on your commute, some add a new look to your place or amp up your grooming routine, and others still upgrade your wardrobe. These are practical subscriptions that make a guy’s routine that much better (and cooler, arguably).


There’s much to be said about the nature of a “cool” addition to your daily routine or wardrobe. It’s got a certain hard-to-define quality that, much like the best gifts for dad, is different for everybody. But when you “know,” well, you tend to really know – and that holds true with some of our favorite subscription boxes. Be it a carefully crafted wallet or a stylish T-shirt, the best options have qualities all their own.



Bespoke Post

best overll subscription box

Bespoke Post Men's Subscription Box


Bespoke Post has made waves across the past decade-plus as a savvy, stylish subscription box for guys in the know. They’ve made it their mission to go above and beyond as far as subscription boxes are concerned. New options debut every month, each with a rich array of seasonal themes, from summer travel to cozy winter evenings at home. That could mean the option to score everything from a pocket knife, a beach towel and shades to a flannel shirt, a henley and a new whiskey decanter. The choice is yours every month, and Bespoke Post members even get discounts on new releases.


Dollar Shave Club

best shaving box

Dollar Shave Club Men's Subscription Box


If Bespoke Post was a true originator in the world of menswear and gear subscription boxes, then Dollar Shave Club also deserves praise as an innovator in the world of the best men’s subscription boxes. The company makes it quicker and easier than ever to get a close shave, offering a handy starter kit for under $5 a month (if you’re already a subscribed member, that is). Other kits are quick and painless to select and subscribe for easy shipping, with all the tools – from razors to rich, foaming shave cream to aftershave, helpful beard oils and skincare – for your best shave yet.



best for watch nerds

Watch Gang Subscription Box For Men


Remember that there’s a subscription box for everyone, right? Well, that holds true even if you’ve got a love of particularly expensive watches. WatchGang bills itself as the world’s #1 watch club, and the model is plenty ingenious and eye-catching. It’s also enough to make any watch lover drool. Select from three watch pricing tiers (starting at $59.99), which give you the chance to receive a new watch worth as much as $1,500 (or on the lower end, $150). Pay per month or per quarter, for instance, and revel in the chance that you could win a free Rolex with each shipment, as well. Not a bad addition to your wrist game, right?


Fresh Clean Threads

best for basics

Fresh Clean Threads Subscription Box


Once known as FreshCleanTees, the maker of ultra-soft T-shirts in a variety of fabrics has now rebranded to cover a larger swath of your wardrobe, and that’s never a bad thing. The main appeal of FreshCleanThreads is instant access to stylish, versatile, quality T-shirts and basics, all at lower prices thanks to bundles available through its subscription service. They also sell handy multi-packs of a variety of T-shirts, but subscribing through the site ensures that you never run out of clean, wear-with-anything, flattering T-shirts.


Geologie Subscription Box

best for skin and hair

Geologie Men's Monthly Box

The best subscription boxes for men really do run the gamut, from the watch on your wrist to how you’re starting your day. Helpfully, Geologie takes the guesswork out of that equation, offering truly customized skincare solutions for guys, all starting with a simple quiz. That quiz delivers the best Geologie product recommendations for your skin type and needs, and from there, it’s as easy as arranging delivery and the timing that works for you. It’s a wonderful idea that targets every step of a skincare routine, and the end result? Better skin and a better you via one of the top men’s subscription boxes.

Scentbird Monthly Subscription Box

best for cologne sampling

Scentbird Subscription Box Men's


The perfect way to sample so many of the top selling men’s colognes and new ones that you may not have even heard of yet. 

When you subscribe to Scentbird’s monthly subscription plan you can choose from over 150 (and counting) cologne brands each and every month.  You’ll receive a 30-day sample of chosen fragrances that, with proper use, will actually last you all month long.

Each bottle will have the equivalent of 4 sprays per day so two sprays in the morning and this bottle will actually last you two months.  Every month you’ll enjoy a brand new sample. It’s like test-driving before buying the car.


Stitch Fix

best for guys clothes

Stitch Fix Monthly Subscription box


If you’re looking for your own personal stylist of sorts, but need it to be affordable each month, check out all the amazing things that Stitch Fix is doing in the men’s style world.

All you have to do is simply fill out a personal profile and then, voila, you get your own personal stylist.  This part will only cost you $20, which really is a steal. 

Based on your profile, your stylist will send you 5 clothing-related items and you get to keep what you want and send back what you don’t want and call it a day.  

It’s important to provide simple feedback to your stylist and that’s when your selections will get better and better.