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The Most Useful Body Groomers For Men to Trim and Manscape Their Hair, According to Our Men’s Grooming Editor

Time to De-Sasquatch

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Best Manscaping Tools & Body Hair Trimmers 2024


In the year of our Lord 2024, one thing should be clear to guys of all ages: Grooming counts, and it counts big-time. And I’m not just talking about your daily skincare routine (and yes, you should have one of those, too). Let’s talk about another aspect of grooming, one that’s now seeing the light of day properly. 

Grooming below the belt, in your nether regions, is now an essential – it’s a confidence booster, it helps with hygiene (seriously) and it’s something that’s much less taboo than days gone by. There are also more brands than ever that have set out on a mission to help guys improve their “manscaping.” And here’s the secret: It needn’t be difficult to find some of the best manscaping tools for men, ones made to target every part of your below-the-belt region. 

These tools are safe, effective and easy to use, and they’re often technologically savvy while shipping (and appearing) rather discreetly. Companies have upped the ante when it comes to the best manscaping tools for men, and I’ve personally put some of the very best of the best to the test. 



Sometimes, grooming tools, even an electric razor for your face or skull, can appear a bit intimidating or tricky to use. We looked to manscaping tools that powered up easily out of the box, featured helpful instructions and even included added features like easy charging with USB capability. All of the best manscaping brands hit these points quite handily. 



It’s not often the most pleasant experience grooming below the belt, at least with tools of the past. But just as you prioritize a razor with a smooth glide across the scruff on your chin, so too should you look for manscaping tools that make the process more comfortable, not painful. 



Any search for the best men’s grooming tools should include a look at effectiveness: Did these tools really cut close (but not too close) and perform as expected? How easy were they to use in the process? And did they teach us something about how to groom better below the belt? All were considered here at Brostrick.



Manscaped The Lawnmower 5.0 Ultra

best manscaper for men overall

Manscaped The Lawnmower 5.0 Ultra


Looking for a place to start your grooming journey down there? You’d be hard-pressed to find a company more focused on better grooming for guys than Manscaped, as the name would imply.

This tool gets things started in smooth, finely crafted fashion, with a sleek build and easy-to-use operation, which certainly drew me to Manscaped in the first place. It comes with two adjustable comb settings and one fixed-blade comb setting for trimming, shaping and shaving, and the process couldn’t be more efficient.

And as the 5.0 moniker suggests, the brand has continually updated its flagship product (alongside a full suite of below-the-waist essentials, which is something I certainly appreciate at Brostrick). 



Balls Co Archibald Trimmer

best for your balls

The Archibald Trimmer by Balls Co - Manscaping Tool


While some of the even the best manscaping tools only target below the belt, the Archibald Trimmer from British grooming experts Balls Co. is designed for a full-body finish. Yet, the key with the Archibald is the fact that it’s “SackSafe,” as the brand says – that’s right, a trimmer you can use on your family jewels without worry. I was admittedly skeptical at first, but found the trimmer to be easy to operate and dial down in terms of settings. Its no-slip grip was also useful, and the vibrant blue color is a stylish touch I appreciate.

Precision blades are accented by a very helpful LED light, which makes the grooming experience even easier and hassle-free. Multiple length options for the guard itself should also prove helpful, depending on your targeted area. And since we like to have fun with color at BroStick, the brand’s fun color options are a nice medicine cabinet upgrade.



Gillette Manscaping Essentials Kit

best one-stop-shop groomer

Gillette INTIMATE™ Essentials Kit


Here’s the deal: Since grooming can be enough of a multi-step process already – one that pays major dividends, mind you – it can be a helpful option to get a one-stop shop sort of kit delivered to your doorstep. While that holds true for, say, a three-step skincare routine, it’s equally important (and just as readily available!) with the best manscaping tools for men.

Gillette, a trusted leader in men’s grooming for decades, turns its attention to your balls and beyond with this do-it-all kit. They’ve specifically designed a shave cream and cleanser for “down there,” and the kit comes with multiple trim and shave options. Follow the company’s tips and tricks while using these tools, and you’ll make manscaping all that much easier and effective.


Ballsy Sack Pack

best for washing your jewels

Ballsy The Ball Sack PAck


It’s like I said above: The best manscaping tools cover more ground (pun intended) than solely trimming and shaving, and once you’ve tried a range of products to soothe your shaving experience, you’ll see why.

Ballsy targets every part of the hygiene and comfort process with its aptly named Sack Pack (a clever name, at least in my opinion). They’ve formulated a wash specifically for your balls (for daily use, of course, but all the better when more intimate situations come up – wink, nudge). The innovative “nut rub” also acts as a confidence-boosting cologne for down there, and a deodorizing spray rounds things out quite nicely.

They also offer a handy subscription service, making it easier than ever to manscape with pride, and a range of scents complements the entire offering handsomely.



Meridian Grooming Cooler Spray

best for the ultimate finish

The Cooler Spray


Lest you think the best manscaping tools for men are solely about trimmers and razors, consider the next step in the process: Delivering a soothing, comfortable finish. Like I said, grooming below the belt can get a bit uncomfortable from time to time, even as the best manscaping tools make the process much, much easier than the past.

Meridian Grooming, which also makes one of our favorite trimmers – along with useful grooming bundles – combats that with a highly effective spray for your nether regions. It lives up to its name in much the same way a soothing aftershave for your face might do, combatting razor burn and irritation all the while. This spray has a pleasing scent, a cooling sensation and an effective finish, as I’ve found out while using it to tidy up down below.


Now that you’re manscaped within an inch of your life, check out some of other articles you may dig where we’ve covered the proper way to shave your face, pretty killer beard oil brands, amazing facial cleansers dudes swear by, and some colognes perfect for any time of year.

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Reviewed By: Patrick Varone