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18 Awesome Family Gift Ideas for Families With Kids of All Ages

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Best Family Gifts 2024 Group Gifts in 2024

Gift giving can be tough, especially when the recipients seem to already have everything.  We think a family gift can be a great direction to go in when you’re looking to do a little something different. It’s easier, streamlines your list, and most importantly,  can encourage family time – whether it’s game night, movie night, or everyone hanging out and spending time listening to their favorite tunes – and munching on snacks.

We’ve rounded up some great gift ideas, from snacks and treats, to long distance lamps that will make someone smile from miles away. Check out some of our favorite family gifts in 2024!


Personalized Bumper Sticker Puzzle – Shop It Here

Find Me Personalized Bumper Sticker Puzzle


Buy on Uncommon Goods

For the hippies at heart!  Puzzle lovers will dig this personalized puzzle – where you not only personalize the license plate, but also five additional bumper stickers.  Such a fun way to de-stress and re-focus.


Set of 6 Beach Towels – Shop It Here

6 Pack Cabana Striped Beach Towels

$33.99 (15% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Soft, absorbent, dries quickly and will have them thinking of sunny beach days.  Available in packs of 6, 12 or 18, the best part about the bright cabana stripes?  They’re all different colors.  Now nobody can steal someone else’s dry towel and try to claim it as their own.  Nice try!


Left Right Center Dice Game – Shop It Here

Left Right Center Dice Game

$7.99 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Let’s hear it for a little family gambling!  This is a great one for a large group (even better if you swap out the chips and everyone brings three $1.00 bills – hypothetically).  This fast paced game includes 3 specialty marked cubes which are rolled to determine where the players distribute their chips (ones?) while they compete to keep as many of their chips (ones?) as they can. The last player with chips is the winner and wins the center pot.


Portable Outdoor Movie Projector – Shop It Here

GooDee portable Outdoor Movie Projector

Price not available ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Movie nights, Super Bowl parties, and live sports just got even better – from the comfort of their own yard.  This projector displays bright images, Full HD 1080p visuals, and remarkable color accuracy.  They can step up their game, whether it’s an outdoor cinema in the backyard, or video games in their theater room. And who doesn’t love tech gifts? And who doesn’t love tech gifts?


Kan Jam – Shop It Here

Kan Jam Original Disc Throwing Game

$39.97 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Move over corn hole! This portable disc slam game is made from durable, weather resistant material and includes 2 Kan Jam targets and a flying disc (you make it fly).  Played as a team game, this is the perfect addition to family yard, beach, or camp competitions.  There are other designs available, like USA themed. light up (yes!), and traditional US flag. Bonus points for getting everyone to play outside.


Personalized Family Ski & Snowboard Art – Shop It Here

Personalized Family Ski & Snowboard Art

Starting at $85.00

Buy on Uncommon Goods

They can commemorate their whole crew on the slopes, including the family pet, with a personalized gift. A crew of 2-14 people and pets are custom designed to look like their family You can choose skis or snowboards, skin tone and hair color in everyone’s likeness. Not into snow sports?  They also have family beachscapes, campfires, canoes and bikes!


Murray’s Cheese – Shop It Here

Murray's Cheese Gift Ideas

Gifts start under $50

Buy on Murray′s Cheese

Murray’s Cheese offers delivery on different cheeses, meat, and pantry items.  They also offer a monthly club, where recipients receive bestsellers – and detailed guides to build their own cheeseboard, or create perfect pairings (depending on which of the many options you choose!).  Perfect for the family who loves a good charcuterie, or cheese and wine night.


Ooni Pizza Oven – Shop it Here

Ooni Pizza Oven


Buy on Ooni

Everyone loves pizza (right!?).  Ooni features several outdoor models – everything from wood and charcoal fueled to gas fueled – and even a combination of both.  They can toss pizza in the oven all year round, and from the comfort of their own backyard.  And chances are pretty good they’ll invite you over for some.  Win/win.


Long Distance Touch Lamp (set of 2) – Shop It Here

Filimin Long Distance Friendship Lamp

$179.00 (15% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Connect to WiFi, and turn on your lamp with the touch of your hand.  The other person’s lamp emits the same glow, in the same color – no matter where they are in the world!  Perfect for a family who is separated by a little distance.  You can also purchase single lamps (for ease of shipping to different locations), here.


Unsolved Case Files – Shop It Here

Unsolved Case Files Murder Mystery Game

$26.97 (10% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Murder Mystery Games are gaining in popularity, and this is great for a non-lame game night, with families who have teens and older kids.  Figure out who the best detective in the family is (mom).  In order to solve this cold case murder, players need to find 3 separate clues that crack open the case. First prove why the convicted man must be innocent. Then disprove a key suspect’s alibi, and finally identify the clue that will put the real killer behind bars. Includes over 50 investigation documents and photos, and online answer keys.  Available in other cases to solve as well.  Recommended ages 13+


Bose Soundlink Revolve – Shop It Here

The Bose SoundLink Revolve, the Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 360 Wireless Surround Sound

$124.00 (31% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Available in gray or black, this speaker delivers 360° sound – and they can bring this portable speaker just about anywhere. It’s also water resistant (hello tunes by the pool!). Experience up to 12-hours of playtime on full-charge thanks to the rechargeable battery.  Oh, and it’s Bose so you know the sound quality is fab.


Grand Indulgence Gourmet Gift Basket – Shop It Here

Gift Tree Grand Indulgence Gourmet Gift Baskett


Buy on Gift Tree

This hits the mark with everything from sweet, to salty, and spicy.  Includes a great combination of nuts, cheese, olives, cherry sours, cookies and more!


Game of Phones – Shop It Here

Game of Phones

$24.89 (14% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

A party game for adults, teens, and anybody else with a smartphone (although we’ve also played with kiddos who have iPads and iPod Touches, as long as they can connect to Wifi).  Players use apps and their smartphone’s web browser to find the weirdest, funniest, and most unexpected responses to game prompts.  The game prompts are family friendly, but no guarantees your family’s responses will be!  There’s always that one.


AeroGarden Indoor Garden – Shop It Here

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

$114.27 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Don’t worry about the temps outside, this best seller is an indoor garden that you can place right on your counter and grow some amazing vegetables and plants.  It’s a great way to get the whole family involved, and everyone can watch some of their favorites grow – like cherry tomatoes, herbs, salad greens, and more.  Fun and learning all at the same time?  Score!


Indoor S’mores Maker – Shop It Here

Nostalgia Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker

$27.99 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

When it’s too cold to go outside and make S’mores, or you just don’t feel like getting that fire pit going, this is your new best friend.  It’s electric, easy to use, and will make yummy S’mores from the comfort of your own (warm) home.


3-in-1 Family Game Blanket – Shop It Here

Jumbo Checkers & Tic Tac Toe Game

Price not available ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Use it as an actual blanket or a 3-in-1 game board!  You can either play checkers, tic-tac-toe, or super tic-tac-toe.  It comes with everything you need to bring the game just about anywhere.


The Latest Echo Show 10 – Shop It Here

Echo Show 10

$249.99 ( Off!)

Buy on Amazon

It’s the fam must-have, especially with all of your Zoom calls lately.  What’s so cool about this new one is that is has motion detection so it’ll always keep you in frame and follow you around if you need to move about.  Stay organized and multi-task!


Watch Ya Mouth Family Edition – Shop It Here

Watch Ya Mouth Family Edition

$25.99 (5% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Because sometimes you just all need a big laugh.  This is the game to do it.  Currently there have been over 2 million sold and is pretty much guaranteed to keep you all laughing all day and night long!

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