Best Men's Jeans 2023

Wear what you like, but if you’re looking for a little style advice check out some of these everyday fashion essentials.


Everything is a trend these days, but these products are blowing up the internet so we put them to the test to see if these really were a thing.

Sushi Seki: Sushi That Never Disappoints Me

Sake Tasting

Living in NYC one would think it would abound with great sushi options. Call me a snob but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The local Upper East Side sushi joint sent our dear friend to Lenox Hill and a two week supply to a strong antibiotic. Needless to say I haven’t been […]

9 Cool Halloween Cocktails & Drinks That Spooked My Liver

…because if you’re going to have a co-ed Halloween party you’re going to need a little something for everyone. Boo! Swipe through our favorite spooky cocktails for 2017. Check out our favorite Halloween cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks of the season. We couldn’t love the candy corn layered milkshake any more than we do! 1. Best […]

This Is How I Make an Easy Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is not a difficult cocktail to master. However, there are a couple of steps that can slow you down if you are trying to whip one up quickly. If you skip these essential steps then the the drink is not quite the same. Muddling is a major time suck and one for which I […]

I Love A Whiskey Smash

Whiskey Smash

Whiskey may make you think of winter but the Whiskey Smash will change your mind. It is bright, fresh and a light cocktail. Again, squeezing your own fresh lemon juice will make all the difference so take the extra time to juice a few lemons. Whiskey Smash Fresh Lemon Juice Whiskey Mint Simple Syrup or […]

19 Best Quotes from A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Quotes

Because ‘A Christmas Story’ will never get old to us. Ever. We typically say “It was soap….poisoning!” just about every time we wash out hands and, of course, “It’s a major award!” every time our Amazon delivery shows up. At the end of the day, we were all Ralphie and Christmas really was the most magical […]

I’m Sure You Already Know How To Carve a Turkey (But Just In Case)

How To Carve A Turkey

Credit: Buzzfeed Everyone knows how to carve a turkey, right? No one is nervous about unveiling the perfectly cooked bird only to mangle it with your knife skills, right? You have a sharp knife, right? I am sure that everyone is an expert turkey carver but you may want to share the video with […]

My Whiskey Thoughts: Parker’s Heritage Wheat Whiskey 13 Year

Parker's Heritage Wheat Whiskey 13 Year

A hands-on review of Parker’s Heritage Wheat Whiskey 13 Year. The good, the bad, and the delicious. The Parker’s Heritage Collection Original Batch 2014 is made from a 51% wheat mash and aged in new, charred, oak barrels thus this is not bourbon at all but it is a wheat whiskey. It is cask strength so […]

9 Things Everyone is Sick of Seeing at the Gym

[Editor’s Note] It can be tough enough to get to the gym, never mind dealing with the people who are there once you arrive. In-demand New York City and LA personal trainer and owner of, Josh Grimm, shared with his 9 favorite things he knows everyone is sick of seeing at the gym. 1. […]

My Favorite Ice For Bourbon

Ice Sphere - Ice Ball

Most nice bourbons are meant to be consumed without ice, but maybe with a few drops of water to bring out the flavors. Sometimes an every day bourbon calls for ice. We love skull ice cubes, but not for bourbon. The perfect ice for bourbon is not a cube. Its is a big, round, sphere. They […]

The One Workout this Year You Can’t Do Without

I’ve been working out since I was 12 years old when my dad bought the family a California Gold 2000 weight system. I was certain this was going to get me looking like the fitness models I saw in the Calvin Klein ads (some could say I appreciated a good physique at a young age). Pumping iron served […]

7 New Men’s Sneakers This Month You Need to Add to Your Closet

Best Mens Sneakers 2023 - Tennis Shoes for Men 2023

So many newly release sneakers out there…so little time. These are the only ones you need to know about this month. Because when the season changes, so should your sneakers – at least in theory. While we certainly don’t claim to be “sneakerheads” (the fact that we put that in quotes should say it all), we […]

My Bourbon Thoughts: The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review 2023

A hands-on review of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. The good, the bad, and the delicious. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is aged for 12 years and bottled without chill filtering, straight from the barrel. That unique bottling processes leads to the strong 140.2 proof and ultimately defines it as a Barrel Proof bourbon. The tasting notes […]

10 of the Coolest Boat Shoes You Can Rock Off the Dock

Best Men's Boat Shoes 2017 - Sperry Sebago Leather Boat Shoe Brands for Men 2018

…because we can officially start wearing boat shoes again! It’s really our favorite time of year. Everyone and everything is more relaxed and, dare we say, more casual. This can totally include your wardrobe all the way down to your shoes. It doesn’t matter if you actually own a boat and plan on spending any time on […]

As You Wish – The Very Best Quotes From The Princess Bride

Arguably the most romantic movie ever made, but also one of the most quotable. Sorry young Fred Savage you did not make the cut. Here are the 11 Best Quotes: #11 Inigo Montoya is my hero. #10 “Bow to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Putrescence. Boo. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Slime. […]

Top 10 No-Show Socks for Men This Summer

no show socks for men summer 2015 fall spring 2016

…because if you’re trying to pull off the “no socks” look you’re going to still need to protect your feet. Flip through our 10 favorite no show socks for men this season.

Finally, Bourbon Infused Adult Popsicles

Bourbon Popsicles

When reviewing Clyde May’s Whiskey it was apparent that the apple flavor profile of the whiskey would lend itself perfectly to creating a fruity cocktail. The folks at Clyde May’s in conjunction with People’s Pops took that concept to the next level and perfected it with booze infused popsicles. I was able to sample an Old […]

6 White Jeans Men Can Wear (For Real)

best white jeans for men 2015 2016 summer skinny white jeans

For the 6th time, yes, men can wear white jeans. And you know what’s even crazier? You don’t have to just wear them while vacationing in the summer. White denim can work for guys all year round. Yes, even in the winter. There’s a trick however. A little chambray goes a long way. Pair your […]

Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale

Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale

The Rogue brewery collaborated with Chef Morimoto on the Morimoto Soba Ale. The name comes from the first ingredient in the brew, roasted soba. Soba is the Japanese word for buckwheat but it is typically associated with the noodle dish comprised of buckwheat noodles. The nose has a nutty quality, from the soba, with some […]

The Bangle Bunch: Best Bracelets to Add To Your Collection

Best Bangle Bracelets

The easiest way to change up your attire is to add accessories. Jewelry can dress up a simple outfit, or freshen up your look when you feel like you’ve worn the same dress too many times. Today we’re talking bracelets. Take a peak at our bundle of bangles…We’re loving the all weather bangles from BuDhaGirl, […]

The 7 Best KitchenAid Attachments Your Kitchen is Craving

KitchenAid Attachments

Your KitchenAid stand mixer can be used for much more than blending ingredients. With a wide variety of attachments, your KitchenAid can hook you up with pasta, juice and even baby food. Most of the attachments are compatible with all KitchenAid mixers, but for a few, it depends on your model. Here’s our round up […]

Straight Outta Where? Create Your Own Meme Generator!

Straight Outta Compton Meme Generator

T-Minus 4 days until “Straight Outta Compton” hits theaters. I’m all about it. In the meantime, what are we supposed to do? Meme it up! While we wait for the movie’s release, Beats by Dre has created a meme generator. I feel like there’s nothing America likes more than a good meme generator. So head […]

Strobing 101: 8 Highlighters That Will Bring Your Skin To Light

It’s time to escape the dark side…while contouring has been has been the makeup trick of choice for quite a while, strobing has somewhat recently emerged…Using a highlighter or illuminator, strobing concentrates on the places where the light would naturally hit your face. So essentially, applying the highlighter to the tops of your cheeks, down […]

8 Shades Of Red Lipstick To Rock This Season

Best Red Lipstick 2016 From Dark to Light to Bright Red Shades & Colors

Red lips are timeless…it’s a classic look that can really be worn all year round. But it’s even more appropriate as we head from the fall season, right into the holidays. While anyone can rock red lips, the key is knowing your undertones and choosing a shade that flatters. We have 8 vibrant reds, from […]

Brighten Things Up With Our 6 Favorite Teeth Whitening Kits & Devices

Teeth Whitening Kits That Work 2023 - At Home Teeth Whitener Devices, Trays, LED Lights 2023

It’s officially time to whiten our smiles. With the amount of Zoom calls we’ve all been on lately (mainly pantsless) the one thing everyone can easily judge us on is our smile. So let’s get those teeth white because, really, it’s all that we really have left anymore. There are so many great options for […]

Love Of Color: Birchbox Launches New (Affordable!) Makeup Line

Birchbox recently launched their own makeup line, Love of Color…also known as LOC. The idea behind the makeup line, is to include the current trends and popular shades each season. LOC is very affordable, with lipstick costing $8 and eye shadow sticks at $10. The lip color is vibrant, highly pigmented and comes in a matte finish. […]

10 Best Deodorants for Men in 2023 That Actually Work

Best Deodorant & Antiperspirant for Men 2023 - Drugstore & Designer Deodorants Reviewed

…because, really, not all deodorants are created equal. We’ve tested a ton of deodorants and antiperspirants, including some newbies, and put together the ultimate deodorant list all men need to know about this season. Some smell great, some are uber-long-lasting, and some keep away those nasty yellow pit stains from your tees and shirts. You […]

The Funniest Lines From Christmas Vacation

Arguably the best of all the vacation movies and one of the best Christmas Movies of all time, Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase as Clark W. Griswold is a true holiday masterpiece. #10 Well said. #9 Seasons Greetings to All! #8 The Scariest of all the Christmas animals. #7 There is a nip […]

9 Drug Store Nail Polish Brands To Try Now

Trends always come and go, even with nail color….and most of us don’t like to spend a ton of money on a passing trend. When looking for budget-friendly nail polish, it can be difficult to find a formula that doesn’t look streaky and sub-par. However, there are great polishes and lacquers out there at a drug store price […]

The 21 Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Prop Bets

20 Best and Worst Super Bowl Prop Bets 2016 - Superbowl 50

The big game is upon us and while you should all make sure you don’t turn into any one of these guys, if you wanted to place some (purely for recreational purposes only) wagers on some prop bets, we at Brostrick are going to show you the best, and worst prop bets of the weekend. Some of […]

11 Stylish Flat Sandals For Spring And Summer

Sometimes the scenario just doesn’t call for heels. When the weather warms up, we kick off the outdoor parties, poolside socials and barbecues (aka day drinking?). And since the rest of us aren’t cast members on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, heels at a barbecue just seems…a bit much. However, flat sandals don’t […]

Bourbon Thoughts: Noah’s Mill

Noah's Mill Bourbon

A hands-on review of Noah’s Mill Bourbon. The good, the bad, and the delicious. A Small Batch Bourbon distilled by the folks at Willet. It is a surprising smooth pour for a bourbon bottled at 114.3 proof. The nose is smokey and woody with some spicy rye notes showing through. The taste is filled with […]

10 Fun Flip Flops For Summer

The weather has finally turned the corner, which can only mean one thing…Flip flop season has arrived. In fact, other than sunscreen, flip flops may be the most important summer accessory. They’re just so comfortable and laid back – and comfortable! Let’s face it, as great as our favorite shoes are, you just can’t wear […]

23 Fun Board Games For Family Game Night in 2023

Best Games

Ok kids, it’s time to put down the electronics. In a world where kids (and adults!) are way too busy staring at their screens, there’s nothing better than a family game night. You know, with actual board games, kids! And don’t sweat it if it’s a 2 player game and you’ve got 5 players. Enter […]

Nintendo NES Classic is going to save Christmas

Nintendo made up for Pokomon-Go by releasing a mini version of the original NES, called NES Classic Edition, just in time save Christmas. Here are the reasons why this is great news. 1. It is mini. It goes without saying that anything mini is better and more fun #2. It is pre-loaded with all the […]

Say What Again! The 23 Best Pulp Fiction Quotes of All Time

Best Pulp Fiction Quotes, Scenes & Gifs

Pulp Fiction came out 23 years ago. So now how old do we all feel? We remember sneaking into the movies to see it (and then renting the ‘tape’ dozens of times. We probably didn’t understand half of what was happening or why…but we just knew we totally loved it. We weren’t supposed to, we just did. Our favorites […]

27 Times Betty White Said and Did The Best Things Ever

Best Funny Betty White Quotes, Scenes & Gifs

We couldn’t love Betty White any more than we already do. And by “we” I of course mean “all the world” and most likely some other planets where they’re just starting to get ‘The Golden Girls.’ Betty is a young and feisty 95 years old, has the longest television career of any female entertainer, and has […]

7 of the Best Sony Headphones For Crystal Clear Sound

Whether you want to tone up, or tune out, music makes the world go around. And the perfect companion is the perfect set of headphones. Check out our top Sony picks below. Some offer noise cancelling technology – so you can shut the world out, while others pump up the bass. Wear them in your […]

The 8 Best Quotes From Coming To America

Coming to America

Eddie Murphy who is an African Prince and Arsenio Hall his Assistant come to America, specifically Queens, in 1983. Eddie Murphy hopes to find his future wife in America which is not as easy as he expected – there should be more Queens in Queens. Here are the 8 best quotes from Coming to America: […]

The 7 Best Rolling Papers You Can Buy Online

Best Rolling Papers 2017 - 2018

Rolling papers have come a long way in a very short time. The great thing now is there are now so many different varieties and brands to chose from at all price levels. Size and flavor are just two of the important aspects of the best rolling papers you can buy. From really cheap to […]

Bourbon Thoughts: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select

This particular bottle is from barrel number 17-575 and was bottled on August 28th, 2017. While it is a single barrel origin, it isn’t bottled at barrel proof, this bottle is 94 proof. The nose is familiar, a little fruiter and brighter than your usually bottle of Jack Daniel’s. The taste is spicy with […]