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Unwrapping Joy: 9 Advent Calendars for Everyone (Furry Friends Too!)

Advent calendars are like a daily surprise party - all December long!

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Best Advent Calendars 2024 - Christmas Calendars for Everyone

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to count down the days to Christmas than with the time-honored tradition of advent calendars? These little daily surprises have come a long way since the cardboard windows of our childhoods. Now, advent calendars have evolved into exciting, themed treasures for kids, adults, and even our four-legged pals. Let’s dive into the world of advent calendars and discover how they can turn the season of giving into a month-long celebration!


Kids' Wonderland: Candy and Toys Galore!

Remember the days when you eagerly opened a tiny window each morning to reveal a piece of chocolate?  Truth be told, it wasn’t even good chocolate – but that didn’t matter.  We would physically fight our siblings if there was any debate on whose turn it was  (oh, just our house?)  Well, fast forward 30+ years and advent calendars for kids have taken a giant leap into a wonderland of treats and toys.  Whether it’s a miniature toy each day, from tiny figurines and stickers to mini puzzles and actual decent chocolate, these calendars are all a part of  magical journey leading up to the grand finale on Christmas day.

Wizarding World Harry Potter

Wizarding World Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2024


Countdown to Christmas with this mystical calendar.  Open the first door to discover a light-up wand and shine it over the common rooms of Hogwarts to locate the remaining numbers on the calendar.  It’s a surprise each day with 3 Magical Minis Harry Potter dolls and over 20 doll accessories.  For ages 6+

Lego Friends

Lego Friends Advent Calendar


Add to their lego collection with 24 lego surprises –  including 2 mini dolls and 8 little pet figures.  Count down to main event while unboxing buildable characters, fun activities and adorable accessories.

Lindt Teddy Bear Calendar

Lindt Holiday Chocolate Teddy Bear Advent Calendar


Perfect for the chocolate obsessed!  Features 24 milk chocolate treats: Lindt Mini Bear Milk Chocolate, Lindt Mini Bear Friends Double Milk Chocolate, LINDOR Mini Milk Chocolate Balls, Mini Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Balls, Mini Milk Chocolate Balls, Mini Double Milk Chocolate Balls, and Lindt Mini Milk Chocolate Neapolitans.

For the Young at Heart: Wine, Chocolate, and More

Let’s face it, advent calendars are not just for the kiddos. Adults can join in on the fun with advent calendars that cater to their more refined tastes. Wine lovers, rejoice! Unbox a different mini bottle of wine each day and toast to the festive season.  If you have a sweet tooth, there are decadent chocolate advent calendars that bring a touch of luxury to your daily indulgence. And for those who like a little mystery, there are even calendars featuring a mix of gourmet goodies and artisanal treats.  Now this is what the holidays are all about, am I right?  Kidding.  Sort of. 

12 Days of Hot Sauce

12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar


Keep things hot when the weather gets cold. Unwrap a little heat every day with this hot sauce countdown.  Includes twelve 1.75 bottles that range from sweet, savory, mild and hot. Merry Spice-mas!

Most Wonderful Wine Advent Calendar

Most Wonderful Wine Advent Calendar


Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year!  This advent calendar includes 24 single bottles that will help you countdown (get through?) to Christmas day.  Sample a range of varietals from all around the world and get into the holiday spirit(s).

Godiva Chocolatier Snowglobe Calendar

Godiva Chocolatier 2024 Deluxe Snowglobe Advent Calendar - Limited Edition


Twenty four pieces of chocolate bliss!  This limited edition calendar includes a variety of Godiva chocolate, including milk chocolate caramel, milk chocolate lion of Belgium, almond marquise, twilight swirl, dark chocolate ganache hart, praline crescent, and caramel embrace.  Sweet.

Beauty-Full Countdown: Glam Up the Holidays

Whether it’s for the beauty enthusiasts, or your teens who are hanging on to the magic of the holidays, advent calendars can also a glamorous prelude to Christmas.  Wake up to a daily dose of beauty bliss – mini-sized skincare, makeup, and hair care treasures to make you feel fabulous throughout December. Beauty advent calendars can add a little razzle dazzle to your morning routine and ensure you’re holiday-ready, one product at a time.

Holy Sheet Mask Set

Holy Sheet Mask Set - Sephora Advent Calendar


Sure, you might be stressed during the holiday season, but your skin doesn’t have to be.  This set includes 20 beauty items to get (and keep!) your skin glowing, and your hair soft and shiny  

Paws and Claus: Treats for Furry Friends

Who says advent calendars are just for humans?  Pet owners can share the joy with advent calendars designed especially for their furry companions. Treat your dog or cat to a daily surprise of treats, chew toys, or even festive accessories.  You know how much pets love accessories – especially hats! (sarcasm).  It’s a tail-wagging, purr-inducing way to involve your pets in the holiday spirit.  They already think you’re the best anyway.

Himalayan Pet Supply Best Friend’s Advent Calendar Dog Treats

Himalayan Pet Supply Best Friend's Advent Calendar Dog Treats


Now your pets can peek too.  Treats for days, with this 24 day countdown calendar for your best furry pal. Features all-natural treats (no gluten, no lactose – only vinegar as a preservative).  Flavors include cheese, bacon, chicken, and peanut butter.

DIY Delight: Create Your Own Custom Calendar

Feeling creative and ambitious? (with ambitious being the key word here). Why not create your own advent calendar.  This can be a great route to take if you prefer to tailor your little surprises to your loved one’s interests, or maybe have someone with a food allergy and only trust yourself to deliver the treats.  Fill small, numbered bags or boxes with personalized notes, favorite candies, tiny trinkets, or thoughtful surprises.  It’s a cool way to add a personal touch and make the countdown to Christmas truly unique.

Advent Calendar Boxes

DIY: Christmas Advent Calendar Boxes


The possibilities are endless!  Well, as long as they’re small enough to fit into these little boxes.  Add your own pizzazz this season and customize your countdown.  Each numbered box measures 2.7×2.7×2.7 inches.  Add your own candy, coins, toys, trinkets and more!

Have a little fun counting down the days this season.  Advent calendars really have evolved since the days of questionable chocolate behind little cardboard doors.  But hey, we still loved it, and it’s always a great idea to add an extra layer of joy to the holiday season. Whether you’re unwrapping a chocolate delight, toasting with a festive wine, glamming up your beauty routine, or pampering your pets, these daily surprises make the journey to Christmas day all the more merry and bright. So, embrace the magic, open those tiny doors, and let the countdown to a joyous holiday season begin!