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9 Things Everyone is Sick of Seeing at the Gym

All in good fun.

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fuuny take on people at the gym

It can be tough enough to get to the gym, never mind dealing with the people who are there once you arrive.  In all good fun, because we could all use a laugh, here are the nine people everyone is tired of seeing at the gym these days!

1.  The Super-Set Selfie Break

Resting in between sets is imperative to repair muscles, maintain a pump, and prevent the working muscles from fast fatigue. 60 – 90 seconds of rest is enough time to recover 90 percent of your muscles capacity to do work. However, this time is better spent with light movement and stretching of the muscles and joints, not taking and uploading selfies.  FINGERS AND THUMBS DON’T HAVE ANY MUSCLES IN THEM!  No.

2.  The Man in the Mirror

You have a goal and you must monitor your results…just not every 11.4 seconds.  Do it at home.

3.  Skank Tanks

“Dude, you have great quads… and pecs… and nips. I can tell because I can see them!”  It is important to choose workout gear that allows your body to move freely and in a material that helps move moisture away from the body…keep the sweat off the pads.

4.  Girls Night Out

The hoop earrings, the pound of make-up, the recent blow out hairstyle…it’s probably better to get ready for a night out with the girls AFTER the gym.

5.  Michelin-Priced Juice Bars

Spending the same amount for a post- workout bevie as your pre-fixed lunch at your favorite THAI spot can become a bit costly. Mark-up in high-end juice/protein bars in gyms is as much as 400 percent in some cases. (I recommend mixing a high quality whey protein, banana, kale, some low fat almond butter, fresh blueberries, and OJ in a mixer with some ice.

6.  Social (Media) Butterflies

“Steven Steroid just checked in to xxx fitness with you and 69 others.”  Stop it.

7.  Johnny Ding-Dong Can’t Put It Away

Working out does build confidence and has numerous benefits like releases endorphins, tackles depression, prevents cognitive decline, helps control addictions.  Yes, working out is a beautiful thing.  We just don’t need to see your beautiful thing in the locker room next to the sink. Cover it up in public.

8.  Everyone for the Entire Month of January.  Everyone.

January…and no f*cking room to work out. Eventually, the strongest survive and February will bring back some ‘normalcy’ to the gym.


Bicep curl, tricep extension, FRONT HANDSPRING DOUBLE BACK LAYOUT DOUBLE TWIST BACKWARDS ROLL TO PIKE… wait for needed attention from fellow gym mates…leg press. While the routine in front of the elliptical was impressive, I think the handstands should be taken off the gym floor.