Why The June Oven Is the Oven of The Future

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June Oven The June Intelligent Oven is a ‘smart oven’ that is equipped with an HD camera inside of the oven.  The oven is continually learning as it is trained by chefs that use the oven.  Free WiFi updates will enable the June Oven to hone its ability to perfectly cook dishes as more dishes are cooked within the oven.  The HD camera is attached to software and utilizes artificial intelligence or AI to identify foods and cook them precisely.

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The June Oven has some amazing features:

  • The June food ID technology has over 50 different cooking programs
  • The oven is WiFi enabled so you can control the oven via an app from anywhere you have a phone or tablet
  • Six carbon fiber heating elements enable it to be accurate within 1 degree fahrenheit
  • The oven is small enough to fit on your counter but large enough to cook a small chicken
  • You can safely touch the outside of the oven, even when it is heated to 500 degrees
  • A built in digital scale enables you to weigh your dishes and know exact cooking times

The June Oven, in addition to the 50 different cooking programs, also includes convection bake, roast, broil, toast, reheat, slow cook and warming.  A food thermometer that plugs into the oven and is also inserted into what you are cooking can be monitored at all times without opening the oven and letting the heat escape.  While it may sound like an oven that belongs in the home of the Jetsons; it is now reality for any home cook.  We can all use a little extra help in the kitchen and the June Intelligent oven is the perfect secret weapon for any chef.

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