20 Things All Walking Dead Fans Think About

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…because we all love The Walking Dead and never want it to end…ever.  But there are some things we still ponder on the regular.  Maybe it’s just us, but tell me these have never crossed your mind.  Here’s the 20 we were comfortable admitting to:

1.  Is This the Episode Where Carl, Thankfully, Retires His Bieber Haircut?

 2.  Is This the Episode Where Carl, Thankfully, Gets Killed?

3.  Am I the Only Person Hoping for “Zombie Baby?”

4.  I Can’t Stand Carol.  I Kinda Like Carol.  I’m Over Carol.  Carol Kicks Ass!

5.  Is Rick Crazy or No?  He’s Crazy Right?  Nah, He’s Fine.

6.  The Zombies Don’t Scare Me Anymore. (One Jumps Out of Nowhere) Oh Sh*t!

7.  Me and Daryl Would Totally Be Friends in Real Life.  I’m Kidding, He’d Kick My Ass.

8.  I Was Completely Fine With Lori Exiting the Show.

9.  I Barely Can Remember Everyone’s Name, But I Love Them All Equally and Am 100% Invested In Their Lives.

10.  Michonne May Quite Possibly Be the Best Character on Television (and she doesn’t have time for your crying)

11.  Where Does Everyone Go #2?

12.  Those Two Sisters Were Totally Messed Up!

13.  I’m Not Going to Tear Up  Over a Zombie Show.  I’m Not Going to Tear Up Over a Zombie Show.  Damn It!

14.  Alright So What’s the End Game Here?

15.  How Come in Episode 1, That Zombie Wife Didn’t Look Too Bad and Everyone Else is All Jacked Up?

16.  Something Tells Me If This Took Place in Boston or NYC Everyone Would Be Rolling Their Eyes at the Zombies and Uploading Twice the Number of Selfies

17.  If I Had to Choose Between Having Rick Cut My Infected Arm Off or Letting a Zombie Eat My Face…I’d Choose the Zombie Eating My Face.  Deuces!

18.  Yowza!  Georgia Has an Abundance of Guns!

19.  I Kinda Miss the Chained Up Zombie Twins Sans Arms & Teeth

20.  Goodbye Sex Drive!