Taylor Oyster Bar: Fresh, Local Shellfish in Seattle

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Taylor Oyster Bar

Photo via Western Neon’s Instagram

Sometimes when you are traveling you just get lucky, no research, just dumb luck.  I wanted to taste some of the shellfish the Pacific Northeast had to offer when in Seattle but I hadn’t had the time to figure out where to visit.  We had some extra time before our reservation at Mamnoon and decided to walk across the street to Taylor Oyster Bar which turned out to be a great decision.  Upon entry it was apparent we didn’t need to grab our phones to research the quality of Taylor’s shellfish; it is the perfect place to snack on local shellfish.

The beautiful product comes from the from Taylor Shellfish Farms which is the largest shellfish farm in the United States.  After asking for their briniest oysters we were presented with the Pacific Oyster and the Shigoku Oyster; both were exceptionally fresh and bright.  The star of the show may have been the Geoduck, a huge clam that is native to the Pacific North West and not something we see on East Coast menus.  The clam was served raw, sliced thin with soy sauce and wasabi.  The texture was a lot like raw octopus but with a sweeter, clam flavor.

So if you find your self in the Capital Hill area of Seattle then duck into Taylor Oyster Bar and enjoy.