Primanti Bros: I’m Calling It The Best Sandwich Ever

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[masterslider id=79] There are a lot of great things about Pittsburgh but, trust me, there may be no better asset than Primanti Bros.  Established in the early 1930’s in the city’s now hip Strip District, where it still remains, the now famous  sandwich (in infamous, depending on how many you eat) was originally created for truckers traveling to and from the Strip District meat market.  The enduring greatness of this sandwich comes from the perfect layering of a fistful of hot french fries on paper thin sliced grilled pastrami and melted provolone, resting upon home made cole slaw and, unless you tell them not to, a cold slice of tomato, all between two slices of the best soft, fresh made italian bread.  No, the bread does not fall apart and yes its possible to effectively bite into this creation and get a piece of everything.  Best of all, this perfection is served on paper.  My first one was mind-blowing, and every one since has kept me coming back – directly from the airport – for more.  The counter experience is the best because  you can watch this creation grilled to perfection and assembled by expert sandwich ninjas before your eyes. Don’t forget the ice cold IC Light!

If you don’t have time to make it to Pittsburgh, make these sandwiches at home today.

Primanti Bros.
46 18th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222