Blue Plate Oysterette: My East Coast Fish Shack in Santa Monica

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blue plate oysterette


Comfort food comes in many forms for different people.  Growing up on the East Coast comfort food is oysters, blue crabs and fish.  Blue Plate Oysterette’s original restaurant in Santa Monica always delivers on excellent seafood.  Bonus points for a great beer selections and seats outside that enable you to peek out at the Pacific Ocean.

I went with the daily ceviche and seared Ahi tacos.  The ceviche was excellent and served with homemade fried tortillas that added much needed crunch.  The daily fish was St. Peter’s Fish which was explained to me as another name for John Dory.  The dish was a great balance of citrus, spice and fish.  The seared Ahi tacos were also excellent, served with some crunchy lettuce, pickles,  a spicy aioli and I added some Cholula for some additional heat.  Washing it all down with an ice cold Abita was a little slice of happiness.

A must stop for seafood in Santa Monica.  Find some friends, come early, grab some beers and share some oysters outside soaking up the sun or make a meal of it – you will not be disappointed.


Blue Plate Oysterette
1355 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401