Get Snow Buzzed: Best Winter Cocktails of the Season

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…because Mother Nature is a fickle little minx so kick back and (responsibly) enjoy a little warmth with our favorite winter drinks & cocktails this year.


Rum, rye, vodka, jalapeño and ginger.  These are a few of my favorite things, especially when the winter bites.  When you’re snowed in or snowed out, the one friend that’ll always be around can be found in some of these best winter cocktails.  Make one or make ’em all.  Either way, you’ll be drunk and thanking us later.

1.  Favorite Winter Cocktail of the Year: The Easy Old Fashioned


The Old Fashioned is not a difficult cocktail to master.  However, there are a couple of steps that can slow you down if you are trying to whip one up quickly.

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2.  Black Velvet Cocktail Recipe

Guiness Storehouse, Dublin. Food Photography. February 2011. Photos by Paul Sherwood 00 353 87 230 9096 Copyright 2011

Because champagne with Guinness is basically everything your party needs.

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3.  Egg Nog with Brandy Base



…or dark rum or bourbon.  I just like Brandy.  She’s a fine girl.  What a good wife she would be.  Main ingredients of 5 eggs, milk, nutmeg and more.

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4.  Adult Iced Tea with Bourbon and Mint


Because the bourbon keeps us warm and the mint makes us think that spring is just around the corner.  But not really.

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5.  Stout Hot Chocolate Recipe


Wait, so beer in hot chocolate?  The hell you say!  Chocolate stout + chocolate chips + more = my long winters nap.

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6.  The Cranberry Ginger Mule


I love me a Moscow Mule, so this was right up my alley!  Vodka, ginger beer and cranberries?  Yep.

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7.  The Jalapeño Margarita


Keeps you warm in the winter and, well, mainly blitzed.

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8.  The Easy Winter Martini


Easy like Sunday morning…in the winter, that is.

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9.  The Ultimate Ginger Margarita


Because margarita’s aren’t just for the summer.  The ginger warms it up…in your stomach.

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