Best Men’s Umbrellas to Combat Spring Showers

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A change in temperature can mean a change in more than just your wardrobe.  Stay dry this spring 2015, but turn some heads too with our picks for the best umbrellas of the season.


1.  London Undercover Camo Umbrella
Because we’re all army guys in our mind.  Certainly on the more expensive end, but great quality and material.  Plus you’ll stand out in the sea of black umbrellas on your walk to work.  Maybe just don’t bring this with you to happy hour. (J. Crew $182.50)


2.  Orange City Gent Lifesaver Umbrella
Go bold in orange with this handmade wooden handle umbrella.  If you’re not daring enough for orange (you are) this one also comes in navy blue with an orange button fastener.  Baby steps.  (London Undercover $95)


3.  Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Logo Mini Umbrella
Keep it classy and traditional in black with logo detail and wood crook handle.  Big enough to keep you dry, but small enough to toss in your messenger bag or tote.  (Brooks Brothers $60)


4.  ShedRain Cutter and Buck
Great coverage with this 62″ umbrella in dark blue/black and grass green from Target.  Yeah, we said Target.  Because we don’t store-shame and not every umbrella has to set you back a night out of dinner and drinks.  (Target $24.99)


5.  Totes AOC Max Umbrella
You can’t go wrong with Totes.  Classic, sturdy and compact.  Beige is perfect if you’re not ready to stand out in the crowd, but aren’t going for the funeral director look all in black.  (Lord & Taylor $30)



6.  Barneys New York Mixed Stripe Umbrella
Exclusive from Barneys, rock this green, yellow and blue striped folding umbrella with wooden crock handle when you’re on the way to the office…or the bar after.  Sure it’s on the pricier side, but it’s made in Italy so there’s that.  (Barneys New York $235)

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