The Top Copycat Recipes So You Never Have to Leave Your House

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…because sometimes leaving the house is just too much work.  Try out some of these copycat recipes and throw all your New Year resolutions directly out the window.

1.  How to Make a Copycat Wendy’s-Like Chocolate Frosty


This beats me waiting in the drive-thru at 2am and slurring that I want a chocolate frosty and french fries to dip in said frosty. Of course I wasn’t the driver.  Well now you can have your own Frosty experience and drink in the safety of your own home (Get the Recipe)

2.  How to Make a Copycat Outback-Inspired Blooming Onion


No need to head to the Outback or renew your passport because now you can make your own version of the blooming onion.  Plus, this version is baked so it’s better for you than you think.  I think?  I mean, if it’s a baked onion it’s basically like eating an apple right?  (Get the Recipe)

3.  How to Make a Copycat Klondike-Like Bar


What would you do (oo oo) for a Klondike bar?  Apparently make it yourself.  Perhaps I’ll eat less since I have to make them?  Never mind.  (Get the Recipe)

4.  How to Make Copycat Auntie Ann’s Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites


And to make things even better you can even make your own icing dipping sauce.  I pretty much just want to drink the dipping sauce and wipe my mouth with the cinnamon pretzel bites…and then eat those too.  (Get the Recipe)

5.  How to Make a Copycat Sonic Blue Ocean Water Icy Drink how-to-make-sonic-ocean-water-drink Truth be told there isn’t a Sonic within 1000 miles of me, but the commercials hook me every single time.  Something tells me that blue drink would taste even better with a little (of a lot) of vodka in it….as does everything in life.  (Get the Recipe)

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