Keep Warm Stay Cool: Top Winter Style Trends for 2017

It's officially that time of year when we're forced to layer up, but why not look good while staying warm. Shop our favorite winter style and clothing trends to help get your through this endless season.

Our Favorite Topman USA Apparel on Sale This Spring

Topman USA Sale for Spring/Summer 2017 - 2018 Mens

We’re loving the latest from Topman USA (via chic British inspiration) for guys this spring.  Everything seems to fit just right which, let’s face it, is half the battle.  Plus, the indie vibe is a nice change of pace from our general business 9-to-5 lo. Shop our favorite Topman picks for men in 2017, […]

Denim Jungle: 11 Best Jeans for Men This Spring

New Denim Jeans for Men 2016 - Dark to Light Washed Jeans in Style

…because there are a lot of denim options out there so shop our top 11 picks for mens jeans this spring 2017 and show up to any event loing right. We’re throwing the “rule bo” out the window that claims you can only wear dark colored jeans in the fall and winter. We weren’t great following […]

16 Best Designer Watches For Men Perfect for Valentine’s Day 2017

Best Mens Watches 2016 - Watch Band Reviews for Men

…because it’s time to dress your wrist up and give it the attention it deserves.  Shop our favorite mens watches for 2017 and beyond. Did you know your watch says a lot about you and your style?  Besides being used for practical reasons, the right watch adds a little something-something to your wrist and allows you […]

The 10 Best Boots for Winter 2017. Snow Kidding.


…because Mother Nature can be a filthy little minx. Gear up for endless months of snow, sleet, ice, slush, freezing rain and everything in between.  Just because winter is ugly doesn’t mean your boots have to be. Whether you’re a fan of Sorel, Timberland or classic LL Bean we’ve got something for everyone.  Shop our […]

Must-Have Winter Coats for Men On-Trend in 2017

Best Mens Winter Coats 2016

…because the tundra, like the rhythm, is gonna get you.  So why not stay super warm this winter and still lo on-trend all at the same time? This season guys are kicking up their coat game a notch by sporting fur-d hoods, longer than normal top-coats, and rocking camel browns and deep tweeds.  Shop our […]

10 of the Best Beanies & Knit Hats to Get You Through Winter

10 Best Men's Winter Beanie Hats 2016 - 2017

…because you don’t have to lo like someone from A Christmas Story after all. We  a nice hat. Sure it can keep you warm and, well, that’s important but we totally dig the way it can quickly and easily change up your entire lo.  Browse our favorite beanies, knits and trendy winter hats of the 2017 season. 1. Drake’s Ribbed […]

12 Must-Have Men’s Scarves This Winter

2016 Scarves for Men 2017 - Best Cashmere, Wool, Plaid Men's Scarf on Sale

…because it’s that time of year (again) so let us help you pick a scarf or two to switch up your fall-into-winter lo. It’s officially time to up your scarf game.  This season wide checks and thick colorful solids are the must-have trend.  We officially give you our blessing on owning than one scarf even […]

The 10 Coolest Men’s Leather Jackets of the 2017 Season

2017 Best Mens Leather Jackets - Faux Leather Moto Biker Coats for Men 2016

Ode to the fall-into-winter leather coat.  If you’re still sporting your baggy leather coat from yesterday it’s time to hang it up, trade up, and find something that’s a bit trimmer in nature.  This year it’s all about the 50 shades of black motorcycle inspired leather coats.  Scan our picks for some of the trendiest […]

Plaid to Check: The 17 Best Flannels of the Winter Season

Winter Flannel Shirts for Men in Plaid & Check for 2016

…because you need to stay warm for the walk from work to the bar (and lo good all at the same time).  It’s that time of year again when you need to stay warm due to the endless polar vortex that will cripple our lives….but you still want to lo good at the same time. […]

On Trend: The Best Men’s Ties You Need This Winter

Best Christmas Ties for Men 2015 - 2016 Gift

…because with parties, work events, and endless dinners you’re going to need some innovative tie options to keep things fresh. From your classic black skinny ties to pops of color on your bow tie, we’ve got you covered for all your tie dilemmas. Introducing “The Ultimate Men’s Tie Guide” for the winter 2017 season.  This year […]

12 Of The Best Scented Candles To Burn This Winter 2017

Best Scented Candles

Candles are a great way to make any space feel warm, comfortable and inviting…especially if it has a great throw.  It’s an easy to create an environment that’s calming, cozy or uplifting – depending on the tone you want to set.  We’ve picked 10 amazingly scented candles that will capture the epitome of the season, or make […]

11 Best Sweaters, Cardigans, and V-Necks of the Winter Season


It’s that time of year when you toss on your favorite sweater, grab your Starbucks and head out on your fall-into-winter adventure.  From fitted to chunky and v-neck to buttoned-down we’ve got you covered when you’re ready up your sweater game or when you need to gift one to someone else.  Shop our picks for the best […]

7 Crisp Corduroys to Add to Your Closet This Winter

Best Corduroy Pants for Men 2016

…because it’s officially that time of year when you can sport your favorite cords with a light sweater for work or with a trim-fit button down and your best bren in Chucks to hang out this weekend. From classic khaki to bright blues and light greens to sleek blacks, our editors picked their top corduroy […]

Best Celebrity-Inspired Beard Styles for Men in 2017


…because we can’t all grow a beard overnight, so get inspired by some of Hollywood’s (and beyond) finest beard sprouting guys. We’re not all David Beckham or Ryan Gosling, but at least our beard can be.  Browse the most sought-after beard styles for 2016 and learn how to sport a beard like these gentlemen: 1.  The Chris […]

11 Ways to Wear Tweed This Season


It’s officially that time of year where you can acceptably start sporting your favorite tweed inspired clothing.  Just make sure you’re not wearing them all at the same time or you’ll lo like you’re in an olden-days play.  From tweed jackets and pants to on-trend sweatshirts, hats and everything in between, we’ve found eleven of […]

8 UGGS for Men That Just May Surprise You in 2017

UGGs for Men 2016 - Boots, Slippers, Hats, Gloves

We have to admit, we weren’t always the biggest fan of UGGs for men.  Sure, Tom Brady endorsing them made us take a second lo, but we still weren’t convinced.  Now, however, we’re ready to jump on the UGG bandwagon thanks to some additional on-trend pieces we’re seeing this winter.  From classic boots, to hipster-like […]