10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for 2015

By now there is more than likely an App that will help you stay relevant in the world of iPhone Apps. With over 1.4 million Apps to choose from in Apples iTunes Store they are divided by genre and then divided again between Pay-For and Free. They range from the ridiculous (Yes, I’m talking to you Poo Log) to the incredible (you’ll never let me down will you Evernote?). And they are telling. I maintain you can read the very socio-economic undertones of ones bar habits just by scrolling through their Apps.

But what makes them purchase and/or download such applications? Lists like these of course. 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for 2015. Go……..

google-translate-1Google Translate. It is often wrong it seems but at least it is wrong in no less than 30 languages and is one of the few tools Google improves on rather than just scrapping.

photo-1IMDb Movies & TV. “Remember that movie? I think it starred Rae Dawn Chong and C. Thomas Howell? No, no. That was Shirley Jones.” The IMDb Movies & TV App can solve this cinema history issue and more with just a few clicks!

Mailbox Mailbox. Even though iOS Mail is rather easy and can set up a Gmail account in less than 2 minutes anything associated with a custom domain can be tricky on a number of levels. Is it IMAP or POP? What are those anyway? Enter the Mailbox App which helps you organize your inbox by letting you choose how and when to reply to each message. It also boasts an auto swipe feature that comprehends your preferences over a period of time and by design fulfills the necessary actions as if it were done by you manually.
*drops mic*


Mint Personal Finance. Just because you are filthy rich doesn’t mean you can stop paying attention to your personal wealth. That is how the rich stay rich, no? Either that or with Mint for iPhone which links all of your financial accounts (and allied information) in order to track your money in real-time to update your earning and expenditures.


Shifts. Pulling a double at the Olive Garden in Times Square? Maybe you’re on night shift today and then morning shift tomorrow followed by a vacation day. No matter. Shifts has your back. This app is made for shift workers. If you work outside a traditional 9-5’er, you’ll love this app. It allows you to quickly mark the days and times of your upcoming shifts with just a few taps and see them on a calendar using unobtrusive icons.


Normal: Battery Analytics. There is nothing worse than seeing the alert message for a battery at less than 10% on your iPhone. Depending on your App usage the rate of decline can vary. Normal identifies the Apps that are eating your juice and makes suggestions on how to stop them from doing so. Even better than that though is it shows you a chart of how deleting the App altogether would effect your battery life!

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro. The iPhone camera is good. Yes. It takes quality photos that can substitute as scans, so to speak. However, it doesn’t offer the robustness of this app. After “scanning”, PDF files can be emailed, printed, shared or uploaded to cloud like Dropbox and Google Drive. Perhaps the best part of the app though is that it features automatic edge detection as well as a high resolution crop ability.


Evernote. There is little this App doesn’t do. It gives users the ability to make notes, clip web pages, create reminders, scan business cards, create reminders, organize files and folders, and more! With this App you won’t forget anything again.

DropboxDropbox. Perhaps the most popular of cloud storage options the accompanying App is beyond easy to use. It fully integrates into iOS and offers a safe place for storing everything from photos to documents to music. It uses a folder/file organization system and even has the option to back up your phone by schedule.


1PASSWORD. Finally a solid App that helps you remember your passwords. The App acts as a password vault, securely storing your passwords for all your man Apps and accounts. Log into Apps by simply clicking on the 1Password icon built into said App, which will then use the password within the vault. Say goodbye to the cumbersome spreadsheets or the random order of your mom’s maiden name, your dog’s birth date, an exclamation point, an underscore, and your 3rd grade girlfriends middle name.