4 Ways to Fold a Pocket Square & Not Look Like a Chump

…because learning how to fold a pocket square doesn’t have to stress you out.  Sure, it will a little, but here’s a variety of ways to easily fold and wear the best suit accessory you own; your pocket square.

How to Create the Traditional Fold (Step by Step):

1.  Make your first fold about three inches wide:

2.  Continue to fold the material over and over until you run out of material:

3.  Fold the entire pocket square over (in half) from left to right:

4.  After it’s been folded in half, fold it over (partially) once more until it’s about the depth of your suit jacket pocket:

5.  You’re basically done!  Simply place it in your suit jacket pocket, showing about an 8th of an inch or a quarter of an inch at most.




Still need some pocket square folding help?  How about learning via the magic of gifs!

Or just check out the entire video:


How to Get a Fancier Fold:

Looking to kick your pocket square up a notch? Watch these 6 additional ways to fold your pocket square. Personally, we like the one that looks like a king’s crown, but may have to stick to some of the more classic folds.  Bonus points for the British accent.  It’ll really help you class it up.

(via The Rules of Style)

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