Watch Beyonce Dance in Her Underwear for Fun


Beyonce is evidently so powerful now that these days she’s basically just like, “I’m gonna shoot this here video with my Motorola flip phone circa 2003 from my hotel room and I’m gonna do it in my underwear.  Who’s in?”  And you know what?   It works.  Between dropping her album as a surprise on iTunes with absolutely no marketing dollars behind it…to releasing her latest video “7/11” in what appears to be some hotels she’s staying at for what I can only assume cost $7.11, Beyonce continues to own us and looks good whilst doing so.  She’s having the time of her life and proving she’s just like you and your friends except, you know, rich, powerful, famous, talented and…Beyonce.

Now thanks to the magic of MTV, you can learn Beyonce’s 7/11 dance moves in the privacy of your own home.

1.  The Underwear Booty/Clap Shake Combo:

2.  The “Jump the Leg Thing” You Could Never Do:

3.  The “Surprise the Sh*t Out of Everyone on Christmas” Move:

4.  The “Pretend Your Foot is a Phone and You’re Yelling at It” Move:

5.  The Classic Booty Twitch:

6.  The “Get on the Beyonce Choo Choo Train” Move:

7.  The “Don’t Complain Your School Can’t Afford Musical Instruments” Move:

8.  The “Yeah, That’s My Ass.  Jealous?”  Move: