The 31 Best Gifts Perfect For Just About Any Type of Father

Top Gifts For Dad 2023 - Christmas Ideas for Father 2023

What can you really get the man who has everything, yet uses none of it?  Dad.  He’s the best.  If it’s one thing that Covid-19 and the overall pandemic taught us all is that spending time with your family is the most important thing – ever.  If you haven’t seen your dad in a while […]

Gift Me: 8 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men in 2023

Best Subscription Boxes to Gift Men in 2023

There are so many monthly subscription boxes floating around out there for women and, lately, the same is happening for us guys!  We have to be honest, we’re obsessed with them.  We’re still like little kids who love getting something delivered to us each and every month (outside of bills, of course).  Whether you’re shopping for […]

On Trend: The Best Men’s Ties Perfect For Winter 2023

Best Ties for Men 2017 - 2018 Skinny Designer Tie Brands

…because with parties, work events, and endless dinners you’re going to need some innovative tie options to keep things fresh. From your classic black skinny ties to pops of color on your bow tie, we’ve got you covered for all your tie dilemmas.   Introducing “The Ultimate Men’s Tie Guide” for the winter 2023 season. […]

Summer Dreaming: The Best Mens Swim Trunks & Bathing Suits for 2023

Swim Trunks & Swim Suits for Men 2016 - Summer Bathing Suits in Style

…because all your hard work this past year has finally paid off and you’re ready to flaunt your new vacation-ready body…or you just got good at sucking it in. Summer is right around the corner and our vacation plans are booked!  We started eating healthy (11 minutes ago) and are ready to jump into the latest swimwear of the […]

My Favorite Ice For Bourbon

Ice Sphere - Ice Ball

Most nice bourbons are meant to be consumed without ice, but maybe with a few drops of water to bring out the flavors.  Sometimes an every day bourbon calls for ice.  We love skull ice cubes, but not for bourbon. The perfect ice for bourbon is not a cube.  Its is a big, round, sphere.  They […]

The 6 Best Designer Watches Perfect For Men to Wear Every Day!

Best Watches For Men 2023 - Designer Men's Wristwatch

It’s officially time to dress your wrist up and give it the attention it deserves.  Shop our favorite mens watches this season! Did you know your watch says a lot about you, and your style?  Besides being used for practical reasons, the right watch adds a little something-something to your wrist, and allows you to […]

The Whiskey Wedge That Changed My Life. Forever.

2016 Whiskey Wedge Review - Buy the Ice Wedge Corkcicle

Now that I’m enjoying my drinks I have to say my life has changed when I got my hands on The Whiskey Wedge. Genius ensues because this ice “cube” is more of an “ice slant” and keeps your drink cold without watering it down.

The 10 Best Beard Oils and Tonics Perfect For Any Beardy Bro

The Quick Take Take a quick look at the top three picks this month before you scroll down to see the rest of the list! Because if you’re going to take the time to grow the beard of all beards, you need to take care of it, groom it, and nurture it on the regular. […]

Why Do You Need Whiskey Stones?

Whiskey Rocks

It doesn’t matter if it is a bourbon, rye or whiskey; there are certain times that you don’t want to add ice.  When you have an exceptional product, regardless of how high the proof, you want to experience what the master distiller envisioned when he crafted the bottle. Adding ice waters down the product and […]

The Perfect Cocktail: Bourbon, Lemon and Thyme

Rye Lemon Drinks

Infusing cocktails with herbs adds some freshness that can brighten up a seemingly mundane list of ingredients. Thyme may be overflowing in your garden so now is the perfect time to create some thyme-honey simple syrup. The simple syrup is made of equal parts honey and water and a few sprigs of thyme; simmer for […]

The 11 Best Body Sprays for Men in 2023

2016 Body Spray for Men - Best Body Mist 2017

…because sometimes guys want a light scent and the ability to quickly freshen up during the day without the strength of a full-on cologne.  We’ve rounded up some of the best body sprays for men in 2023 that, not only, smell great but many of which can double as a body deodorant too.  Let’s face […]

The Best-Selling Cigar Humidors for 2023

Best Cigar Humidor 2023 - Reviews of Humidors on Sale

Ready to upgrade your humidor?  Whether you’re a newbie or total cigar aficionado, we found the best humidors (so far) of the year. Quick Glance When it comes to your cigar collection, you really shouldn’t mess around.  It’s important to keep these bad boys stored perfectly at all times.  Whether you’re looking to buy a […]