Top 5 Things To Include In A Man Cave

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Man caves are essential to the survival of men. They are good for both the male in the relationship and the female. Personal space is important to the health of a relationship and man caves allow that space as well as a place for personal expression. In them we can express our true selves without fear of ridicule. In our retreat we can tell war stories, relive high school football days, watch hockey with reckless abandon, shoot pool, or even just drink a scotch alone late at night. Man caves are, in essence, four walls of good emotional health. But before you finish off the basement, add an HVAC system to the garage or buy a shed kit for the backyard consider these 5 items that ever man cave MUST have.

1. TV

This really goes without explanation. You can’t host football parties without at least one. You can’t screen a new release movie without one. It is also possible that a wall will not stand up without a TV for balance. In this category the bigger, the better. Extra credit for having multiple screens so that during the Sweet Sixteen no game goes unmonitored.


Part of the reason of having a man cave is so you can enjoy some leisure time without having to walk across the yard, up the stairs, or anywhere else, for a cold beverage. And don’t stop with a six-pack or two. The truly refined man will also find use for top shelf liquors and even aged wines. Not ever night in the man cave can be spent with Mr. Coors and some stale popcorn!

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It doesn’t matter if it is baseball, football, hockey, basketball, or even Olympic curling. No man cave is worth its weight in salt without a jersey strategically framed and hung in a conspicuous location so as to spark conversation and give validity to the host. Extra credit if it is signed by the player who wore it. Points deducted though if there is a letter of authenticity as that smacks of Home Shopping Network purchase.


When buddies come to the man cave they want to be just that: men. And there is no place more manly than a bar stool in a bar. They should be well appointed and match the theme of the cave. This is not the place to be budget conscious. Go all out and secure those Bellagio Man’s Room Top Grain Distressed Leather Bar Stools!


Remember, this is your space. Its walls should pay homage to you as a man. Did you win last years golf tourney? Frame and display your score card. Were you an extra in Expendables 3? Frame and display your acceptance letter and one-day contract. Personal touches will remind all who enter who is pouring the drinks and who controls the TV remote.